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01-18-2009, 02:02 PM
This product doesn't work! I used it for a while and thought it was a good product for its price but then now I am noticing darker circles under my eyes. It doesn't work at all! I am switching back to my Vitamin E Eye Cream from the Body Shop. I've used that for over three years and it helped me maintain my youthful wrinkle-free and eyebag-free eyes.

Natural Elements
01-18-2009, 04:45 PM
Well Nivea is a very popular brand in my country.

What you pay for in branded products are mostly the advertising, because the product itself doesn't cost that much to produce and to distribute.

A lot of people believe that price reflect quality, and that's wrong. You can find superior products in small brand products.

Even in our specific niche which is Hawaiian beauty products, some are selling products almost 2 times our price. The difference is none or they include a sophisticated design and packaging, and agressively market their products which cost big money.

As a consummer, I prefer to buy good products, rather paying for something I don't care too much.

The thing you should do, is testing, testing and testing until you find the right products at the right price and stick to it.

06-15-2009, 08:10 PM
Yes, Nivea is very popular over in the good 'ole USA. It's always good to read plenty of eye cream reviews before buying products. keep that in mind as one person's opinion shouldn't influence you one way or the other. Read SEVERAL websites before buying anything, and look for ingredient make-ups when buying eye creams. It will help you save both hassle and money during your search.

07-21-2009, 05:00 AM
Maybe it didnt work on you but It works for me. So I think it all depends on your skin type and how you use it. I dont think Nivea eye cream will gonna be that popular perse if its not good at all. So try to know first why it happened and I suggest call the Nivea center to resolve your problem. Because who knows maybe it is not because of the product.

03-13-2012, 11:33 AM
You should apply Eyeliss for removing dark circle, and Oxytokin for getting rid of wrinkles. But before using any cream you should take all information about it like is it suitable for your skin, ingredients etc, because our skin is very sensitive.

05-31-2012, 04:16 AM
In my opinion it is better to use good natural eye cream made from natural ingredients, as natural ingredients have no side effects. But before buying choose an eye cream to suit your skin type.

05-31-2012, 07:23 AM
You're right Swati is better to use a homemade skin care products.

01-19-2013, 12:50 PM
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