View Full Version : Hair and spots

10-09-2017, 09:32 AM
Hi there
Could anyone offer some advice...I already had very thin hair but what I've noticed over the last year is that I am loosing more hair. When I rub my fingers against my scalp gently as if I'm giving myself a head massage..there is areas all over my scalp that I can only describe like there was maybe a spot there and the hard head of the spot is loose on my scalp (like I had sqooze it aready) so there is a tiny hard head loose on my scalp. This is all over my head....nowadays if I go on holiday my scalp burns which confirms my hair is thinning but I don't know why. My scalp and roots of my hair are literally greasy the same day even though i shower first thing....but the tips of my hair can be quite dry I'm 36 years old. Any advice welcome x