View Full Version : Galderma announces new acne drug Epiduo

01-14-2009, 02:04 AM
According to the company its newly approved drug is the " first and only combination treatment with a retinoid and benzoyl peroxide to Treat Acne". It will be available to 12 year olds and over very soon.

Epiduo(TM) Gel Combines Retinoid and Benzoyl Peroxide in a Single Product; Performs Better than Either Component Alone

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Galderma Laboratories, L.P. today announced the availability of Epiduo(TM) (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide) Gel 0.1% / 2.5%, the first and only, once-daily, topical acne treatment that combines the well-tolerated retinoid adapalene, and benzoyl peroxide, a well-known antimicrobial with no evidence of promoting bacterial resistance. The new prescription acne treatment received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December, and will be on pharmacy shelves nationwide in the first quarter of 2009.

Because acne is caused by a multitude of factors, management of the condition has traditionally relied on combination therapy. Established consensus guidelines recommend the use of a topical retinoid and an antimicrobial as first-line therapy for the majority of acne patients. By combining the two effective medications into one product, Epiduo(TM) Gel treats both inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions with no evidence of promoting antibiotic resistance, simplifying the management of mild-to-moderate acne. Additionally, studies indicate that Epiduo(TM) Gel is more efficacious than either of its components used alone and significantly reduces total acne lesions by approximately 18 percent as early as the first week of treatment.

01-17-2009, 08:44 AM
This is great news! I have always been a fan of Galderma products. In fact, my current acne wash is made by Galderma and so is my acne med! Do you know when this product will be available in the market? I hope it's not too expensive because I will definitely try it out myself. :)