View Full Version : I will tell you how efficient are my Kukui products

Natural Elements
01-13-2009, 03:58 PM
I know for a long time that our Kukui products are very effective, but that's not the point to sell something that doesn't work, right?

I will tell you a recent story that happen to me:

I needed to change the bib hose outside of our house. Unfortunately, the pipe was too short and I needed to make a little extention to put the new one. It was a late afternoon and wanted to make it right, I was soldering the copper extention pipe with a torche in one hand an a rag to hold the hot pipe then the solder drop above my right hand. I completly forgot to put my gloves on, Trust me it was a bad burn, then I put immediately some Kukui lotions on the burn, 15 minutes later I did not feel the burn anymore.

That's just how these Kukui skin care products are effective :)