View Full Version : People with Plastic Surgery for looking good, but turned out to be uglier

03-31-2016, 09:49 AM
Excess of anything is not good at all, especially when it comes to your skin, people for having a good handsome or beautiful face go to the extent of doing anything possible on them,cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery that looks very awesome at the moment but later leaves you with nothing but scars for the rest of your life.
So many of the celebrities around the world have done these surgeries on their faces to look fascinating who spent so much on the surgeries without having to know only later that their awesomeness turns to ugliness or how scarier they become.

The most famous personality the king of pop who everybody knows is Michael Jackson and spent his entire life remaining at the center of the surgery controversy that once black turned white and in the end left him with a crippled nose that made him look more like of an experiment man than a normal person.

We say that only your heart matters at the time, no matter how much beautiful you look you will be aged one day, but now even those who get a single wrinkle on their face opt for the expensive surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a New York Socialite who spent around 2 million dollars on the surgeries just to look like cat as her Husband prefers big cats and it is very true, if you look at her closely you would be very threatened to have a glimpse of her, but she feels quite beautiful as her eyelids and eyebrows stretch to the side of her face.Her surgeries included facial reconstruction, cheek implants and rhinoplasties to jaw implants and lip injections.

Another famous actress, Demi Moore, getting her breast implants done and her face lift surgery that turned out not good, but Moore swears that it has helped her stay in the spotlight for these surgeries.

The Famous Fashion brand Versace, if you want to meet the designer Donatella Versace, then you might end up using her product as well, now after seeing her it looks like the life has been sucked out of her.

There are so many other of the less known celebrities to talk about ,but why to talk on their miseries, when you have other things to enjoy, these people have set a great example for others that when if you go against natures beauty you have to deal with its consequences as well. No matter how much they would say post surgery that they feel confident and are looking something different, but inside them only they know and could really tell about it.