View Full Version : Are there any parents of UK based children with eczema here?

12-28-2008, 02:28 AM
If so, you may be interested in a study trial that's being run by the Center of Evidence Based Dermatology at the University of Leicester. This government supported study has been ongoing since 2007 and is investigating whether water softeners can help eczema. They are still looking to recruit children between 6 months-16 years with moderate or severe eczema, up until August 2009. Children need to be from hard water homes.

Study centers are dotted around England including Boston, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge, London, Portsmouth and Newport (Isle of Wight). If you'd be willing to travel to one of those, please see the site for additional information.

Softened Water Eczema Trial. (http://www.swet-trial.co.uk/)