View Full Version : Red spot on my glans penis

06-18-2015, 11:36 AM
I had a problem with my glans penis skin
4 or 5 months ago I masturbate when using bodylotion as a lubricant. And after that it seems that I have a red circle spot on my glans penis. When it shown for the first time the color is bright red, then I use some cream then the color is become less bright than before. But after that it seems like the red spot appear on different place on my skin.
And when I masturbate, sometimes the color become normal, and sometimes the red spot appear again. And it's already 4 months now. It's not pain, itchy, or any burn sensation from that. And if I touch that with my finger it's not bumpy (like a pimple).
I already go and check to doctor, and they said it's because of iritation from smegma. They give me another cream to apply to my glans penis.

My question is, is this problem kinda dangerous? Because I can't feel any pain for this red spot.
And is there a way to heal this red spot or to make this disappear completely?

Thanks for your time...