View Full Version : Winning Combo Treatment for Icthyosis Vulgaris, Rosacea, and Keratosis Pilaris

04-21-2015, 02:05 AM
Combo means combined. I have combined Atkins diet which mean lowcarbing diet (low carbohydrates including gluten) and topical gel treatment.

During my first visit to the GP, I have been prescribed steroids for my Keratosis which has bad side effects in me. I choose to discontinue the treatment and went to see another doctor who readily explained my skin condition. I have severe KP in both arms and buttocks and acne-like Seborrheic keratosis as well. After he explained to me what is going on with my skin, I have planned my own treatment program. I was thinking, If it had something to do with food allergies, then I would have to cut down on carbs and gluten - the widely known trigger for most common skin disorder. He also prescribed topical gel which was so costly but with minimal effect. I changed it to SR Lotion after a friend reported good result. Now, I am maintaining LOW CARB DIET + SR Lotion. It works.

By the way, this works for Rosacea and ihcthyosis cases because this treatment is designed for repairing abnormal skin cell growth which the doctor said had caused my KP.