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02-09-2015, 08:24 AM
Hi Guys,

If anyone here who has faced a similar position or can give some valuable input will be very much appreciated and I will be thankful for it. I am an Indian with Skin Type 4 (a little fair amongst Indian skins) in 2003, 12 years back I did a Glycolic Acid Peel 25% on my entire face (Left for 4 minutes before being neutralized), immediately after the Peel was neutralized it left a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation on my forehead, just on my forehead. It has been 12 Years yes, 12 years since this incident happened. Ever since this incident in 2003 my Forehead has become permanently brown, dark-brown and it is not going. Over a period of this 12 Years I have applied various creams, ointments almost everything but nothing has completely knocked this off, eliminated this.

It has faded a bit but it has not gone off completely ! My Dermatologist says now the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is in the Dermis (Second, Deep layer of the skin) one more thing that I wanted to tell you was, bothered by this Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in 2010 I also tried doing a Micro-Dermabrasion one session, which made the situation more worst, it again made the forehead too dark. In 2013 I applied a Glycolic acid based cream (In the mildest form) but that again made it more dark. (But I had just applied it for 2-3 days thats it) still it made my forehead dark. Now as of now the situation stands, this darkening of my forehead is not going, it is dark brown darkish forehead that I have. All I know is, this thing started ever since I did my Glycolic Acid peel first time.

Now I dont know if the Micro-Dermabrasion one session or the Glycolic Acid based cream that I applied made the matter more worst or what ? but one thing is for sure my journey with Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation started because of the first Glycolic Acid peel that I did.I have spoken to a couple of Dermatologists on this and they say that even if the first Glycolic Acid peel did give you a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation it cannot last more than 3 to 4 weeks so 12 years sounds like a out of the world thing, most PIH resolve fade with a period of time, even my PIH has faded but it has not gone completely. What does this mean ? I had some questions for you guys

1. If it is in the Dermis can it never go away ?

2. was the peel left on my face for too much of time ? before being neutralized ?

3. What are my chances of completely removing the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation completely if it is now in the Dermis.

4. What chances in percentage do I stand in clearing this PIH which got worsened with a number of things that I did.

5. should I assume that this was because of the Glycolic Acid peel or number of things that I did. But for me my suffering of Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation started after I did the Glycolic Acid Peel so for me all I know is, the pain started after the Glycolic Acid peel.

6. Lasers like the Q Switch ND YAG Laser promise a lot of things, will it be of any help in my case ? Can the Q Switch Laser fragment Melanin as stubborn as in my case and there by reducing, lightening the Hyperpigmentation ?

What do you guys can suggest, comment, help, inform me on this.Look forward eagerly for ya' all Comments, Suggestions, Tips and Information.

Thanks in Advance