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01-12-2014, 09:52 AM
I am new here and I need some help.
thank you in advanced for your help
heres my story

I never had unprotect sex before until I met my current GF and we do have unprotected sex
I had unprotected oral before though.
in july 2013 I noticed two small bumps on my penis shaft
I got really nervous and went to the doctor and they said it looked like nothing
but they gave me full std tests to be sure everything I specifically asked for every test it was embarrassing
but they called me a week or two later and said I was clean
a month or two went by and more bumps
and my doctor didn't see them this time but he said most stds show up in blood tests very early except hiv or hepatitis
so he only gave me tests for those two and I was clean again
its January now and more bumps and my GF thinks I have a std and I cheated on her its a damper on our relationship
and im worried now
maybe I should go back to the doctor and get FULL std tests again
these bumps don't hurt or bust open
rarely sometimes it itches but I think that's normal itching I don't know
I tried to squeeze them and one kind of popped like a pimple
I apologize in advance for the embedding the photos
I did a lot of googling and the answers are scary
I take high blood pressure meds and I read that thiazides can give you lichen planus but idk if this is lichen planus or a std or what