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05-23-2013, 06:27 PM
Hello all,

Recently, I noticed a blister forming on the glans closer to the corona on the back of the penis. It is small, and looks to be similar color in nature to the rest of the head of the penis. (Not discolored) In October, I had noticed something similar so I had a full STI/Dermatologist check up. (All results were negative) I have not had any sexual encounters since that time. Therefore, I believe it is highly unlikely that I have an STD. However, I have noticed that the blister is small (maybe twice the size of a tip of a pen). Occasionally, I do have pain in the tip of my penis. However, I have no other symptoms. Obviously, if the penis is erect, the blister grows in size... I noticed it about 2 days ago, before this time I never saw it before because of its location...

My thoughts are that it could have been from friction. I am an avid cyclist, so at times, there is friction generated and high amounts of moisture present in spandex with 90-100 degree heat where I live. However, I am not circumcised which leads me to believe it could be from something else. The other logical answer could be from masturbation in which no lubrication was used. (Not pleasant to talk about but potential answer). I haven't noticed any reactions with new medications before - but I have started taking allegra. Yet, my consumption of allegra has been on going for about 1.5 months and my belief is that if I did have a fixed drug reaction it would have been a quick response. I was having red flaky skin about a year ago but it was with a completely unrelated medicine the belief at that time was that it was a Fixed Drug Reaction.

I have contacted my dermatologist - however, there is a length wait to get in. And obviously, some concerns which is why I am post on here. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


05-24-2013, 03:29 AM
Hi Jb! Welcome to DermaTalk. From what you have described it could be pearly penile papule or genital herpes. So could you please attach a good quality picture. Do you have sensation of pain or itching in these lesions.why were you on Allegra?