View Full Version : Diagnosed with Molluscum and one of them popped!

05-12-2013, 12:19 AM
Hello everyone! I hope someone will put my mind at ease...

I was diagnosed with MC a few weeks ago. Of course I was horrified. I believe I caught it after I'd had caught the flu - I still partied, drank, smoked and didn't sleep much or a couple of nights. Due to compromised immunity I guess. I had a new sexual partner. I had taken a full std test and everything else was negative.

Anyway, after much research, decided to buy MolluscumRX. Used it for 2 weeks and no difference. Tried applying it more often (3-4 times a day) but before each time I tried to take a shower. As I was applying the medicine, I felt the head of the papule come off! I saw the dreaded white or yellow discharge. I squeezed as much out as possible but not till it bled. I sanitized the area with a long lasting hand sanitizer and stopped using the medicine.

Then decided to try tea tree oil. After a couple of days I still noticed the white discharge (last night) so I spent an hour sanitizing the crap out of my hands and the genital area and the papule itself. Squeezed the hell out of it with tweezers dropping in sanitizer. I don't know if I got all of it or not but I see a 'hole' where the head was. I only saw a tiny drop of blood. I sanitized the crap out of my genital area by drenching it in sanitizer.

Anyway, my question is, since I popped am I guaranteed to get more? Also how contagious am I still? What do u think may happen? How should I care for the open hole? I'm thinking of sanitizing twice daily and applying acv or tea tree oil. Which should I use? Should I keep it covered all the time? I'm also taking good vitamins and trying to build up immunity (I have a cold again!!)

Please help I'm dying of worry !

05-12-2013, 10:37 AM
Welcome to the forum Ravi, was the MC diagnosed by your derm or it was just you? MC is contagious so it can spread to surrounding skin. As you have already popped it, make sure it won't further get infected with bacterial infection (apply antibiotics). Generally when you destroy one lesion by any means ( popping, chemicals, cryotherapy....), there is inflammation of the lesion that activate your immune response to the MC and all the rest of the lesion subside gradually by themselves in few week. But this may not happen in every case. Can we see ur lesion? Make sure the surrounding skin is protected so it won't spread (apply Vaseline), you may cover the lesion so it won't spread, but be sure to apply antibiotics so it won't get infected by bacteria/fungus.

Yup build up your immune system so it will kick MC away in few weeks. If you have good immune, MC usually goes without treatment in few weeks to months.

Anyway a pic would be good for further suggestion.