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05-08-2013, 12:27 AM
Two months ago I went to the doctor because I was having trouble peeing. Specifically, it hurt when I went pee, to the point where I would shout and almost cry. Thinking I had a UTI, the doctor prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics. There were also angry red patches around the tip of my penis, but the doctor seemed unconcerned, saying that those were part of the infection.

A weeks worth of antibiotics failed to clear up the problem. It still hurt, maybe even worse, when I had to pee.

Back to the doctor I go. This time, a different doctor said I probably had an internal case of HPV. He got me into a urologist the next day. The Urologist took one look at me (the youngest paitient he'd probably seen all month) and asked me what the hell I was doing there.

After I explained my problem and he examined me, he agreed with the second doctor that I probably just had a small wart inside my penis.

So, after telling me to wait it out, he sent me on my way.

A couple weeks later, it was all right to pee, but I still had a small red spot on my penis.

I went back to the doctors office. This time, I got someone who actually pulled out her iPhone and started browsing; I guess she was looking for possible answers.

She thought it was not hpv but she wrote me a prescription for a cream called condylox. This cream seems to burn when I apply it.

Itís been over three weeks now, and the rash, wart, lump, or whatever it is shows no signs of abating.

I know I have to go back to the doctors, but Iím just feeling frustrated. Nobody can tell me whatís wrong. Iím not even sure if I have an STD or just a rash.

I havenít had sex (of course) since it started to burn when I pee a couple of months ago. However, Iím super stressed out because my wedding is 5/18. Obviously Iím not going near my wife if I think Iíve got an STD, but I donít even know what to do at this point.

Anybody have any ideas?

05-08-2013, 08:03 AM
Hi fren! Welcome to DermaTalk. You did not mention have you been to dermatologist? As you applied the cream condylox to the area which has physically removed the lesion, but some portion of it still seem to be left behind.Thus its very hard to say with the remaining lesion what exactly it is. It could be genial wart,lichen planus or other benile lesion. How was the surface of the lesion? Was it solid type or fluctuant? Was it itchy or painful?