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03-23-2013, 02:28 AM
I have this things on my neck too and on my chest, i already tried to rub with a sponge, but didn't worked. What i should do? Someone has any information about this?

I am 16, very sedentary and fat. It has something to do with it? (1,76m and 119kg)2299

03-23-2013, 11:45 AM
Welcome to the forum Erick, although the pics are not clear, your condition looks like acanthosis nigricans to me. But doesn't usually involve chest (might be different, clear pic would do justice). Do you have such lesions (darkening) on underarms,back of the neck or any other places? are there dark lines on palms? have you been on any medications recently? Since when have you had this? Was it sudden or over period of time?
Although definite cause is unknown obesity is one of the common cause of AN. As its mostly weight dependent, lesion might resolve with weight reduction. There are several other cause of AN like diabetes, hormonal disorders, and sometimes skin manifestation of malignancy. So i would suggest you to contact dermatologist and get suggestions and make sure there is no any other underlying cause beside obesity. Oh yea.. and also get screened for hyperinsulinemia.

Sharon Gomez
04-10-2013, 07:57 AM
Erick Your pics are not clear..thou I think you should go to a dermatologist.