View Full Version : Can anyone tell me what this is and how to treat it please?

03-18-2013, 06:43 AM
Apologies for my first post being a question but I've just found this site and want to upload my picture before i head home from work.

http://s16.postimage.org/b4al4bkut/Photo_18_03_2013_06_35_47.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
host images (http://postimage.org/)

Its not painful at all except where the nail lifts at the very end and hasn't really changed in the 6 weeks its been this way.

Strangely i can't remember it appearing other than the end of my nail looking longer than usual and it only effects this nail.

(on the same hand i also have dry skin and occasional cracking skin which i'll post about in the correct forum but thought it may be something to do with it or vice versa)

http://s18.postimage.org/eayqrzwll/Photo_18_03_2013_06_35_59.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
online photo sharing (http://postimage.org/)

sincere thanks for any help and advice anyone can provide.

03-19-2013, 03:56 AM
Hi John! Welcome to the forum. sorry to hear about your condition. From the picture you have sent and condition you have described, the lesion on the hand seems like Tinea manuum and the condition on nails seems like Tinea unguium to me , they are fungal infection of nails and hands . Antifungal drugs if taken orally and applied topical can help cure the condition. You can go to nearby dermatologist and have simple fungal testing done to confirm the diagnosis and continue with the drugs accordingly. Please feel free to ask any question we will be happy to help you.

09-02-2014, 09:36 AM
Yeah you should visit your dermatologist to know about the condition and the treatment.