View Full Version : Confused about multiple manifestations.

10-14-2012, 08:30 PM
In October of 2011, I had protected sex with a woman I had known about a year. She had just been off her menstrual cycle for a day. After we had sex I stayed over for the night at her place, I did not take a shower, but cleaned with soap and a wash cloth. I also remember using the hand I used to remove the condom to hold my penis while cleaning up. I came home the following day and had severe itching on the foreskin of my penis and scrotum. I noticed a few hours later that there was swelling, and raised skin. All of what appeared to be an allergic reaction of some type. I used an over the counter steroid for the swelling, it alleviated the area a little but was still swollen and itchy with much discomfort. I went to a primary care physician who did a full pannel of STD test, including herpes. All was negative. I went back to the physician after the swelling persisted with clusters of small bumps a few weeks after, he again performed an STD test that came back negative. He told me to use an over the counter anti-fungal with the over the counter steroid. The cluster of bumps remained. Also, when my scrotum was itchy. I went back to him a few months after, he performed an STD panel, all came back negative again, so he prescribed me some Ketoconazole after I told him I thought it was a fungus. I noticed that throughout the time, my whole body was often itchy, and a few months ago I observed rounded lesions on my face. These lesions, though often faint, appeared on the bridge of my nose, areas beside the bridge of my nose and cheeks and my face is oily with increase sebum secretion. I put some of the ketoconazole on the area, the skin sloughed, but the lesions came back. 4 weeks ago, I started having severe burning and itching in my chest with raised red bumps. My PCP prescribed me a prescription strength steroid and more Ketoconazole, this has helped to alleviate the burning and itching, and no new bumps have appeared since. The foreskin of my penis remains rough, with clusters of dry looking bumps, though no longer itchy. What could this be? I am so tired of dealing with this. Could it be an advanced yeast?