View Full Version : Possibility of incision!!!? Due to potential nail infection?

06-11-2012, 07:31 PM
I am really scared, really, really scared. The other day I was biting my nail on my thumb quite aggressively. After a few hours, my thumb started hurting quite badly. I thought it would just go away overnight.

However, during the night, I could hardly sleep due to the intense pain my thumb was creating, it even went to the extent of tingling my nerves, it even reached up my arm on which I had the thumb pain. I started sweating and even crying in agony, using my pillow as a 'scream absorber' and even biting a pen.

Instead of healing, the next morning, my thumb was red, swollen, heated up and some sort of dried fungi/pus formed around the area that I picked my nail.

I am really scared that this is an infection. As from the research I carried out, it seems to be some sort of Paronychia/chronic infection (I hope it's not). I also read that 'one' of the treatments would be incision. Please, dear God, I don't want an incision....

Please I need suggestions and help, as well as experienced people in this field :(

Additional details
My pain is currently, more or less relieved. But apart from that, the rest of the symptoms are still present. I also use to take/still take Tetralycine antibiotics once a day and I applied an anti-inflammatory, infection prevention and wound healing ointment/cream around this area after washing my hands. I also drank a lot of water....

Ultimately, I am seeing a doctor within 24hours but I still require mental support and also further/additional help for the actual, possible, 'infection' itself. I'm just really worried right now...I'm panicking!

06-11-2012, 09:04 PM
We suggest to post the picture for better suggestion..

But anyway..don't panic its a common bacterial infection who often bites nails or thumbs. Fungal infection takes time to show-up, so not fungal infection. Make sure the area is clean and dry. Antibiotics are usually not necessary for such cases. Cleaning the area with antiseptics is generally adequate. If there is pus formation contact ur doc, he/she will drain the pus with small incision. Its not a big problem and everyone sometimes in their life has it... You don't need to panic. Severe complications are very rare, if u take a good hygienic measures. Contact the doc for drainage of the pus and you'll start to feel relief within few hours.