View Full Version : What should I change after a nose job?

06-08-2012, 11:12 AM
I am planning on getting a nose job in a month's time. I've heard that when you get surgery, you should do a big change to your appearance like changing your hair. Are there any other suggestions as to what I can do after my surgery? I want to minimize the fact that I got a nose job and get people to wonder instead what I did to look so good.

And also let me know if you know any good alternative of nose surgery. I found naso fix but I have seen it has lots of bad reviews over internet, so please recommend except it. Thanks!

08-29-2012, 02:46 PM
In terms of an alternative to surgery, it depends if your nose is over-sized or just crooked/misaligned. Mine is crooked and hollow at the bridge, so i get a beautiful result with fillers. I get restylane fillers every 5 months or so and i'm really happy with the results. My nose basically becomes a lot fatter and straighter after the filler. But be warned, the chance of skin necrosis is 0.1%, or 1 in a thousand. This may be good odds to most, but when you understand how catastrophic necrosis is, you realize the odds are not that good. You should read and understand filler related necrosis/infections before you get fillers. I love the fillers i get on my nose, but i'm always worried about necrosis when i'm getting them. Make sure you get an experienced filler and don't EVER get a filler on the tip of the nose. Trust me !!