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11-29-2011, 09:24 AM
Whether or not, most of us given a chance would prefer hair removal at home. Body is just so personal. Although in this article we shall be giving some scoop to all other methods
Lasers & Electrolysis
It is pretty obvious you haven’t bought any laser based hair removal product till now, or even electrolysis appliance to help you out. For now, we shall leave that for beauty clinics and salons. The reason is we believe that are specialized equipment and need proper professional handling. There are still few people under professional surveillance could get discoloration and small burns even if there is small lack in exercise.
Electric Tweezers
Tweezers work on the same principals to the electrolysis. In electric tweezers, hair conducts electricity down into the follicle where it damages the hair root thus preventing growth. With tweezers user directives you have to hold individual hairs for 15 to 30 Seconds.
Depilatory Creams
For hair removal there are many type of depilatories, for most of us having issue with excessive hair growth its great way, just apply smooth cream and wait for the hair to dissolve and scale off then rinse.
Some advice before the application, please read what has been written in the fine prints too, it is advised to try out depilatory creams on small skin patch 24 hour before you actually apply on the desired locations. Home back hair removal can turn into home back skin removal. Some people with sensitive skin get terrible rashes and chemical burn reactions. For those whose skin isn’t quite as sensitive, it can be a good choice.

Hair Inhibitors

However, the hair inhibitor products are totally different from the hair removal creams. They actually slow down the growth making hair removal much easier in the long run.

Once the wax has cooled, you grab hold of the cloth strip and yank. Your partner is likely to scream at this point as the hairs are ripped out by their roots. The old saying, “this hurts me as much as it does you”, is probably true. The good news about home hair removal waxing is it lasts about 4 weeks before you have to repeat the process. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Here’s a little more free advice:

Don’t plan to go to the beach or have a second honeymoon for several days after your waxing. Otherwise, you’ll learn a new meaning for having a, “tender moment.”
To Shaving now

You have a choice of both wet blade razors and electric shavers for your home hair removal. Most people say if you’re going to use an electric shaver for home body hair removal, you’re better off with a foil style rather than a rotary style.

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There are ways to remove unwanted hair. These ways to remove hair have their own pros ans cons.