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11-10-2011, 02:20 AM
Every bride desires her skin to look flawless and radiant on her wedding day.
Her's some tips when you're about to get married. And still want to look fresh and beautiful.

* Maintain a healthy food habit at regular intervals
* Follow a diet full of vitamins and nutrients.
* Take ample rest and get proper sleep
* Cleanse and massage your skin regularly
* Seek professional help before applying makeup
* Include yoga, exercise, and other physical activities as part of your health regimen

11-14-2011, 02:04 AM
If your bride want to look amazing on your wedding day you must under go this Adopt Basic Skin Care, Eat and Drink Right Deal with the Chronic Skin Problems!:cool:

11-15-2011, 03:37 AM
Aww, I really like this
It's written very nicely and it kinda flows. Every word is interesting, as is the thing as a whole. Makes me want to understand more about whats going on. Really good, keep it up :D

11-22-2011, 03:31 AM
drink more water stop eating junk foods and stay away from stress, avoid watching tv

01-05-2012, 10:47 AM
Food plays very important role in skin care. You have provided great tips for skin care. I am glad to read these tips.

05-15-2012, 06:10 AM
Thanks for the info. Stress does play large part in a Brides skin health

07-06-2012, 03:16 PM
You can achieve a natural and healthy glow by using products that contain only all natural ingredients. These ingredients like plants, nuts and fruits are great for all skin types and all skin problems.

07-08-2013, 10:35 AM
Or you can go for the DXN products. They all are herbal manufactured. I used their range and it really worked on my dry tanned skin.

07-17-2013, 10:48 AM
Great tips. Thanks for it.

Emma Brown
07-24-2013, 12:14 PM
The most important thing is to plan in advance and try things out before the actual day, and then time the treatments so that you have little to worry about on your special day!

12 weeks before:
Deep cleansing for the skin and shaping eyebrows to compliment the face. It's time to get started so that, by the time you wed, you are reaping the longer term benefits. Also, good to start waxing now to see how you react to it if you've not done it before. Finish with a relaxing massage to unwind.

10 weeks before:
Strengthening and conditioning nails as well as moisturising skin on hands and feet is ongoing.

7 weeks before:
Facial - skin is looking better
Neck/Back Massage - you need to RELAX!
Waxing - eyebrows now should be the correct shape

5 weeks before:
Manicure/Pedicure - keep these regular so that your hands and feet are their best on the day. Strengthening and conditioning nails and moisturising skin, you can also experiment with nail colours in the meantime.

1 Week before:
Facial - your skin will benefit and should it be red, will calm down before your big day. Important are: moisturising for the skin, tinting eyelashes and shape brows.
Waxing - you want the redness to go down before the big day!

1-2 days before:
Trial Make up
Final shaping of nails and conditioning skin, paint toe-nails but not fingernails. Work with the artist to make sure you get the look you desire.

1 day before or the morning of your big day:
Makeup / Nail polish
Make sure you specify any preferences in advance. Paint fingernails first and make sure they dry completely

Start you skin care regime several weeks (up to 12) in advance. Work with your facialist to come up with the plan right for you so that you can start following it - this way, you'll be reaping the benefits on your special day.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT "test" new/out there treatments and products too close to your big day. You don't know how you will react. That's why it's better to start a regime and follow it, so you are calm and collected - and not surprised - on the actual day itself.

In addition to makeup, book a few trial runs with the hairdresser for your hair. Makeup and hair should be decided on about a week to several days before the wedding day. That way, you'll be on automatic pilot on your day - you have enough to think about and you want to enjoy it, not panic over beauty issues.

01-16-2014, 09:39 AM
Applying a moisturizer with SPF every day on the face, neck and chest is must.

01-16-2014, 11:18 AM
There are 5 essential tips:

1) include a good skin care products in daily routine

2) Before go to your bed, use a nourishing eye make-up remover along with cleanser

3) Eat green vagitabels and fresh fruits to hydrate your skin

4) Get 7-8 hours sleep to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

5) Do your yoga regularly to look younger.

03-10-2014, 06:24 AM
What to do for skin care before 30 days of the marriage??

Emma Brown
03-25-2014, 11:57 AM
No doubt that including fruits,yoga and proper skin care are very important factors which must keep in mind whatever she is . But my advice to all is that just go for natural ways of face masks and cleansing because it will glow your skin with mo side-effects.

06-27-2014, 09:57 AM
that all are basic important things to get healthy and glowing skin. thanx for sharing your good post.

Emily Kristina
07-15-2014, 09:59 AM
It is important that you eat healthy diet.
Increase intake of green vegetables and fruits in your diet.
Don't eat junk food.
Drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day.
Do exercise daily for atleast half an hour.

08-01-2014, 04:13 AM
Beauty of bridal always attracts to everyone. You should take care of our face by following regular beauty tip .Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily .It is very helpful and use natural products only to enhance your beauty because there are no any side effects to using them .

10-08-2014, 04:29 AM
Take healthy diet.
Add fruit and green vegetables in your food.
Take proper sleep
Cover your skin before going to outside.
Apply moisturizer on the skin.

04-10-2015, 05:12 AM
Go for monthly facials to keep your face refresh. It involves massaging for blood circulation improvement and keep your skin look pink.

04-13-2015, 10:21 AM
Here some tips are given for bridal Skin care to use for improve skin glow for that special day.
Drink 2 liters of water everyday,Drink coconut water daily,Have multi-vitamins,Workout 3-4 times a week & eat right,Cleanse twice a day,Moisturize,Apply sunscreen diligently,If any skin problem Visit a dermatologist,Relax with a few facials,Don’t try anything new in the last 30 days.

08-31-2015, 09:05 AM
First of all, congratulations on getting married!
The health of skin begins with good nutrition. new living cells continually replace the dead cells on the surface of skin. the growth oof new cells is dependent on vitamins, minerals, and hydration.
eat smart: choose whole grains, fresh greens and fruit, and lean proteins like chicken fish and beans
hydrate: drink lots of water daily to hydrate the skin and flush out toxins
exercise: at least three times a week to strengthen your body and calm your mind
take relaxing baths: add soothing epsom salts or skin softening powdered milk to your bath water
don't go to a tanning bed before your wedding. if you want color use self tanner. test the product weeks before the date. apply it several days before the wedding in case you mess up a little
don't tweeze or wax brows on the wedding day
get lots of sleep!
don't stress out!
what skin type do you have? generally you want to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day

also one of my favorite tips is to do a facial steam. put steaming water in a bowl and put your head over it and cover your head with a towel. stay like this for ten minutes and you'll get a gorgeous, (bridal) glow.

as for hair use a hair mask weekly, you can find them at drug stores. and try using a shine serum in your hair. also herbal essences shine happy is a treatment for hair shine and i think it lasts up to 6 weeks or more. try not to heat style it too much but if you have to use a heat protectant product as heat styling can dry out your hair. oh and make sure to tie your hair back before bed and change your pillow case often because oil from your hair can get onto your pillow and cause acne. Hopefully these natural beauty tips will be really helpful for having am amazing skin and healthy before wedding.
good luck!

01-27-2016, 04:47 PM
your skin will benefit and should it be red, will calm down before your big day ☺:)