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07-31-2011, 09:19 PM
Hi guys!!! I'm happy I've found this place...lots of helpful information!!

I was wondering if you would let me pick your brains for a few seconds :p

I have had a few BIG moles on my back for a few years and my mom has been pushing me to have them checked out...im not a big fan of doctors--and im not really sure why :confused: well i went to have them checked and surprisingly it was not that bad the doctor visit thing....she biopsied 2 moles and i am going back to have 2 more removed--my insurance only pays for 2 at a time...the results came back for the first 2 as both precancerous--and i have 2 more in addition to the 2 she wants to remove that "i" want removed...the 1 has gotten bigger over the last year and the other one rubs my shirt...so my question is would/should she remove the 2 i want removed also because i want them removed and biopsied?? And im also now a bit worried since the first 2 came back precancerous--i have to go back and have more of the area removed from both sites...can she tell me "no"?
Oh yea and im only 21!
Well thanks! for your time :cool:

08-01-2011, 12:51 PM
it won't hurt to ask her. allow her to remove the ones she wants to remove. they must look suspicious to her. you might have to wait for another time to have the ones you want to have removed. tell her they bother you and one of them is growing. i am afraid she can tell you no but if they are bothering you and growing i do not think she will say no. follow her orders. she is the doctor. have regular checks on your moles. better to have the aggravation of having them removed now then to put off and regret it later.

08-03-2011, 02:59 AM
Both biopsies are almost the same,
"Lentginous compoundmelanocytic nevus with arcaitectural disorder and moderate cytologic atypism of the melanoytes--Dysplastic nevus, moderate"
What do that mean? i put some words together but can't understand all of them

both recommend complete excision--as neither had clear margins-so im going back to have the areas done again--shes doing them at different times because of fear of infection
and i spoke to one of her MA's and she said that if i bring up areas im concerned with the doctor will likely remove them--i have been a lot more aware of my spots and i have found a new 1 that developed about a week ago its super tiny--like a baby tick but its really dark so im gonna get her to look at that one when i go back

Well thanks for reading and letting me share!!:)

08-03-2011, 02:00 PM
i just went to a derm myself to have some suspicious marks froze off my legs and 2 lazered off my back. thank the heavens mine came back benign because i have spots all over!!! i am now away of new spots also. but she had looked at my spots and said i didn't have to come back for a year. don't panic if a new spot develops. you can always call and get an appointment. just try to keep up with regular self checks and watch the new spots to see if they change. use sunscreen daily. best of luck.

10-19-2011, 01:11 AM
so i know its been awhile, and i was just stopping by to give yas an update...
well she removed the first area, and used staples all was well expect the itching! i went back and had them removed and and now the scar has stretched its probably close to about 1/2 in across!, and bright red.
The second one was just done about 12 days ago, the day after she did the surgery i went to change the bandage and the bottom was open with stitches poking out, so i called her and she said "well what did you do for that to happen?" I didn't do anything i watched tv and went to bed! and the office was closed so she told me to keep the area moist and come in Monday. I returned first thing Monday morning and she said that's how its suppose to look, but restitched it? :confused: and placed me on a week of antibiotics, which I took and finished, I returned to get the stitches out and the MA? im not sure what they're called :) said it looked good and sent me on my way, well that night when i changed the bandage the bottom was slightly open and had pus, so now its slightly infected, i am keeping neosporn on it and keeping it covered and cleaning it 2-3 times daily with a antimicrobial soap, and warm water, its looking better, i also applied butterfly stitches to it to keep it from stretching like the other one did, or at least keep down on the stretching! So I'm looking for new doctor because as nice as she is, i don't like the scars and the experience with this last incision. And she said i'm good for 6 months but i have other moles that look identical to the 2 pre cancerous ones but she said not to worry about them, but i still am!! :omg:
Any advice on how to find a reputable doctor? I found her on the skin cancer foundation website but she is the only doctor within 60miles of my house on the list, and she is nice and her staff is great but i want to maybe find someone else...
so guys for the rant and THANKS for listening!!

10-19-2011, 01:02 PM
my suspicious spots were seborrehea keritosis. it sure looked like a mole to me. it was brown with black on top. it was flat not raised but still looked bad. thinking and dwelling on areas can put you in a panic. go every 6 months unless something goes wrong like bleeding or changing color. is there someone else in your derms office you can make an appointment with. she doesn't sound very caring. my derm even picked out one that didn't look like much to me. she lazered it off. luckily it was nothing also. do a bi weekly check. if somthing looks wrong go to the derm. don't drive yourself nuts dwelling on it. sending blessings.

01-10-2012, 03:47 AM
So I had a 1 little white bump develop on top of the incision, and it was tiny and hard, but didn't hurt. Today its really itchy and sore when I scratched it (i know no scratching!! but it itches!!) and its bigger. So I'm wondering if its something serious or just like a stitch working its way out? I'm making an appointment, but there's usually a wait of like 1-2wks. So just wondering if I should be worried.

01-10-2012, 08:59 AM
so if u had complete excision of the lesion there is no risk of cancerous lesion. it may be post surgical scar either hypertrophic, or keloids (can be very itchy). Some scar heals with milia formation too. I don't think there is serious problem u should be worried about but if u can provide a pic, we could at-least come to some suggestions for you.

01-13-2012, 01:41 AM
ok so im not gonna be able to get a picture the spot got bigger then popped! It was a little ball of puss, so now I have hole in the incision, I cleaned it then packed it the ointment she gave me (bactin) i believe, and put a bandage on it.