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12-27-2009, 11:30 AM
Hi im a 33 year old male who has had a weird problem for basically the last 10 years of which i can find no solution.I facial sweat basically when i do any minimal task including just writing on this on the forum.This wouldnt be too big a drama but everytime i sweat my face becomes really dry and sunburnt looking.I've had to quit my office job as by the end of each day my face would look hideously dry and sweat stained.The only way it stays normal is by resting in cool conditions.Everytime i leave my house my face is dry and sweaty within an hour,im continually washing my face with water to get rid of the dirty sweat look,however this dries my skin aswell.Anxiety in social situations is making me sweat even more and making the problem worse.It's ruined my life i've lost 3 great girlfriends,jobs and my sanity.I'm a very healthy person otherwise if you have any ideas what it is i have or what i can do it would be great.Cheers :)

12-27-2009, 02:14 PM
my first suggestion would be to see a doctor. stop washing your face so much. use a damp moist cloth and pat your face don't rub it. you can use a moisturizer like aquaphor or nivea.use this at night if you are afraid of having a shiney face. maybe see an endocrinologist. maybe your thyroid isn't working right. there are treatments for heavy sweating but i really think you should see a doctor.

12-27-2009, 07:42 PM
Yup as brenda said most common unexplained sweating could be the reason of thyroids dysfunction. Its common to sweat for some people with minimal task as different people tends to have different body function. But with out any work, infection or lets say hot climate, if you sweat, thats abnormal. First i would suggest you to go for a thyroid Function test and not to forget other general tests as chronic systemic infection might also be the another cause. Your condition looks like a genetic conditions that runs throughout the families, what medically termed as Facial Hyperhidrosis, some professional believes it might be due to malfunction in the nervous system. But it is not a risky condition.

Have you used any treatments ? Some over the counter lotions like those containing aluminum chloride can be used at night on dry skin and washed in the morning. Try if you haven't already. These days Botox are being widely used for localized sweating like yours, you can consult a doctor and get a suggestion.

But i suggest you to go for a details systemic examination to rule out any systemic cause.