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12-06-2009, 05:58 PM
I really want to permanently get rid of the hair on my legs but I do not want to frequently go to a doctor just for this. Is it possible to undergo laser hair removal at home?

12-07-2009, 09:32 AM
Tria laser is a device cleared by the FDA for home use that can be used on the legs, bikini line, underarms, feet, arms, hands, chest, and back. It requires multiple treatments to have the best results.

How Does Tria Laser Work?
A diode laser uses beams of light heat on the follicles to disable them. It has five adjustable settings from low to high. The highest setting uses the most heat, and will give better results.

Who Can Use It?
Those with light skin tones (white, ivory, beige and light brown) can safely use Tria. The system comes with a skin sensor that will test your skin tone and determine if itís light enough to use. Only if your skin passes with a green light, will the laser unlock for use. Scarring, blistering and burning can result if itís used on skin tones that are too dark.

Because this laser is targeting dark pigment, white, gray, blond or red hair will not benefit from using the system. Even if the hair is darkened with color, the hair follicle wonít absorb enough laser light to be effective.

How Effective Is It?
Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair isnít on the same stage at any given time, multiple treatments are needed to get the hair in the growth phase, for the laser to be most effective. So 6-8 treatments are recommended, 2- 4 weeks apart.

How Much Does it Cost?
Initially the price was $995 when released in early 2008. February 24, 2009 a new version replaced the old one boasting a 20% reduction in price at $795, and quicker treatments with the laser firing two times faster. As of November 3rd, 2009 the price is $595.

12-19-2009, 12:04 PM
You can do it at home but i would suggest you have it done by an expert. Expense will be less if you go to a beauty clinic. Spending 595$ and not getting desired result will be a waste of time and money both.

04-11-2010, 03:16 PM
Yes it is possible as long that you will know how to do it. Why dont you try Tria laser device it is used for permanent hair reduction for home. You can use it not just for the legs but also in your hands, chest, and back and so and so. You can also use Veet waxes and cream if you want to ,it is also for the hair removal of your legs.

06-18-2010, 07:27 PM
laser removal may cause defects or illness to our bdy.........
bec it freq exposure to laser leads to organic malfunct...........:evil:
instead apply sandal to the places were u wanna remov the hair..........
repeat this for a week r 2 u wil get hair-free place..... or else mak use of turmeric powder...... :)

03-20-2011, 10:34 PM
I wouldn't have the courage to do this all by myself. It's better to go at a beauty clinic. Good luck!

03-26-2011, 08:22 AM
This is really one such thing that shouldn't be tried at home, at least by someone who is inexperienced. Very often we find that many people end up using the devices or therapies in the incorrect manner (not only for laser hair removal) which results in undesired outcomes like diseases, skin dysfunction. hormonal imbalance and more. Case should be taken to ensure that treatments like laser hair removal should be always performed by a specialist.

09-21-2011, 04:42 AM
The procedure is virtually painless. Some patients have mild discomfort and take pain medication, but compared to other methods, laser hair removal involves less pain.

09-21-2011, 06:18 PM
The potential side effects of laser hair removal are swelling, redness, and scaring. Permanent scarring or changes in skin color are rare.

09-30-2011, 03:13 AM
My friend uses at home laser removal and she had dark hair and apparently it works better with dark hair. It's been two years now and trust me there is no change, after a while the hair grows back thicker. You can ask anyone with at home laser removal system you would get the same reply.

11-23-2011, 06:55 AM
Its possible at home but suggest you to get done by expert.

10-16-2012, 08:32 PM
The best laser hair removal product for home use is Silk'n Flash&Go hands down. I hate going to the clinics and with flash&go you can zap at your own convenience and it actually works. Definitely worth the money.

02-05-2013, 11:44 AM
You can use the same diode laser technology at home that is preferred by dermatologists to get permanent results at home.

Sharon Gomez
04-10-2013, 08:03 AM
It may be a risky thing coz laser has very high frequency. Its better to use it in someone`s assistance.

04-10-2013, 09:11 AM
This may save plenty of time and money but using these devices incorrectly has negative side effects.So I suggest you to go clinics.

Melissa Mellie
05-03-2013, 07:24 AM
Laser treatment is good but its not at all. During summers days its not to good because it leaves redness, and scaring in the used area. So I suggest you to hair removal creams. Its very easy to use and soft treatment.

Sharon Gomez
05-24-2013, 01:52 PM
Laser treatment is good but its not at all. During summers days its not to good because it leaves redness, and scaring in the used area. So I suggest you to hair removal creams. Its very easy to use and soft treatment.

I slightly agree with you because there are very less people in this world who suffer from such problem. Most of them are guide by hair removal experts and they told to use some great creams that can protect skin for a bit of time, until the redness or irritation ends. So, you said right but this can also be a view.

Sharon Gomez
07-15-2013, 08:10 AM
This may save plenty of time and money but using these devices incorrectly has negative side effects.So I suggest you to go clinics.
I agree with you, hair removal using laser technology is very dangerous in the home because we don't have the knowledge and practice and don't know about safety rules followed during this technique and we have to make a proper set up which is very costly also. I suggest to go in the clinic and take treatment if absolutely required.

Laser Smooth S.
01-12-2017, 05:06 AM
5 Main Factors Laser Hair Removal is one of the newest technologies for eliminating that unwanted body hair. It is quick, easy and relatively painless. So, what's it going to cost?

Well, how laser hair removal is priced depends on a couple of factors:

1. Geographic Location. Of course, there are always going to be pricing variations due to geographic location. That's the case with just about any product or service. You will find that laser hair removal cost differ from state to state as well as from country to country.

2. Number of laser hair removal treatment sessions. This means, the number of laser hair removal treatments you are going to need to complete your desired hairless effect. The total number of laser hair removal treatment sessions can be affected by your hair color, your skin pigmentation (light or dark) and the thickness of your hair.
Light skin makes laser hair removal easier to perform. Fewer treatments are required, and better, faster results are obtained. People with darker skin can be treated, but results are slower, more sessions are required, and greater expertise is equired on the part of the laser center.
Some parts of the body are more difficult than others to remove hair. Each person varies somewhat in her or his hair regeneration speed as well.
Prior to your first laser hair removal treatment - in fact, prior to your deciding to undergo laser hair removal at all - you'll meet with the dermatologist or medical specialist responsible for the laser hair removal. Generally, the more sessions you require, the more it is going to cost you

3. Size of the area treated. Treatment cost varies with the size of the area treated. Large areas, such as the entire back, or the entire legs, cost considerably more than this. Small areas, such as the upper lip, can be less.

4. Type of laser hair removal equipment used. There are different types of laser hair removal equipment in the market. Also, do not confuse laser hair removal with intense pulsed light treatments. The latter can also produce effective hair removal. Although the devices used are not lasers, they are "laser equivalents". Both utilize the same principle of selective photothermolysis to achieve hair removal. Intense pulsed light devices are in fact more difficult to adjust than lasers and require great expertise for their proper use. Individual consultation with the laser center is necessary to obtain exact pricing.

5. Pricing packaging. Not only does the laser hair removal cost vary by area and by physician, but it can also vary in its pricing structure. Some, for example, bundle the laser hair removal treatment with other cosmetic procedures. For instance, some may include the application of a hair retardation product to the treatment area to speed up desired results. Some require you to pay a total package fee and yet others may charge you for each visit separately. Experienced laser centers, which have developed expertise in laser hair removal, costs an average of about $500 per treatment session. They usually recommend a basic four treatment sessions to start off with.

As treatment costs can get really expensive, you should ensure that you can well budget for it.
However, please be advised to go to an established medical center with good reputation. You may pay more but it may be worth the quality of service and care that you receive.

03-09-2017, 07:18 AM
One of the most frustrating things both women and men have to deal with when it comes to our daily maintenance routine is shaving. You shave the day before only to wake up the next morning with stubble already! Shaving feels like a never ending task, so what about Laser Hair Removal? I have put together the top 5 things you should consider before committing to the process, as it is not a one treatment fix.

1) How many sessions are required?
The process works by targeting the hair follicles with laser pulse beams of light into hair in the growth phase to destroy the follicle. A series of laser sessions are required and are usually spaced 4 to 10 weeks apart according to Nurse Tracy Barlow who works alongside Dr. Michael law.

2) Will my hair be fully removed?
Results can vary depending on the treatment area and works best on dark hair, it does not work on blonde or gray hair according to Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery.

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3) Which Laser Hair Removal System Works Best?
Nurse Tracy Barlow explains that there is no single laser that works best, it depends on yours skin type.
4) How much does it cost?
The price of laser hair removal varies an multiple treatments are required. According to Nurse Tracy Barlow, paying per session is the way to go.

5) Do you need to grow your hair out prior to having laser hair removal?
No, it is not necessary to grow out your hair before treatment. Actually you need to be clean shaven as of the night before or the morning of your treatment.

What is the area that you dread the most when it comes to shaving? Join in the conversation below -- and don't forget to share your laser hair removal experience by writing a review.

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