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11-23-2009, 04:00 AM
I had this wired spot on my foot. It was diagnosed as plantar warts later but i didn't care as i had no pain and it hadn't caused me any discomfort. Recently i knew it is caused by HPV.

So if I'm a HPV carrier as i have plantar wart on my foot, is it possible for the virus to transmit sexually to my partner. As I don't have genital warts which can be transmitted sexually.

Looking for someone to clarify this for me.


11-23-2009, 02:33 PM
planters warts usually stay on the foot or toes. it is contagious but not sexually transmitted. just keep your feet covered or don't rub your feet on your partner.

03-31-2010, 12:08 PM
I think you should do not inter-course with your partner who has genital warts. It can be spread from the sex. Try checking with the doctor before you guys have sex.

11-12-2010, 07:32 PM
I don't think you should worry about the warts on your foot giving you genital warts. These are two different kinds.

07-05-2011, 06:03 AM
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07-05-2011, 12:01 PM
we love to have you here julia2 but advertising is not allowed. please stop. if you have used a product and it worked it is fine to tell us about it but not advertise for a company you work for.

08-24-2011, 09:28 PM
can you spread genital warts through hand contact alone? i mean, what if a man touches your sensitive area and then touches your cheeks, will you have them up there? :D

08-25-2011, 01:17 PM
genital warts is spread by body fluids. i don't know if contact with hands would cause warts to show up elsewhere. that is a good question to ask your doctor.

04-30-2012, 02:22 PM
Apparently, the virus that causes genital warts is different from the virus that causes hand, face or finger warts. I know many have assumed that this is possible, so to be educated with the right information, feel free to check out the popular myths about warts:

[ link under review]

Hope this helps :)

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