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10-11-2009, 04:31 PM
I thought it might help us to find out how we all cope with psoriasis.

For those that have been recently diagnosed it might be helpful for them to know what we do in certain situations. We know that it can be very depressing at times when you want to dress up or wear shorts and you just cannot.

For me, I was diagnosed when I got pregnant with my son and I have had them ever since. There were very severe at first when people would actually step away from me because I had them on my face too. Being pregnant with my first child and getting that reaction was horrible for me. I felt like the ugliest person on the planet!!:(

Once my hormones settled down they seemed to settle know too. Went off my face anyway and that was a blessing right there. I could cover up everthing else but my face.

I wear long sleeves if my arms are bad and black stockings on the legs if they flare up. Because I sometimes have them on my sides I have to be careful with the fabric that I wear. Nothing rough or tight at all.

Stress does play a huge role too because every time we go away on vacation my psoriasis settle down to the point where I could wear a bathing suit if I wanted to.

I hope others will share their thoughts too.

10-13-2009, 02:16 PM
i got it from being over stressed. stress seems to be a part of my life. i started 3 years ago with psoriasis. i am trying everything for my scalp. if i could keep my hands tied i would be okay. i use somethings on a regular basis. i am helping to build up my immune system by taking a mixture of bee pollen, royal jelly and propulis. it seems to be helping my energy level. i hope it is helping my immune system. i added this to my morning vitamins about a month ago and it truly seems to help me with my energy. i have psoriasis on my legs, sides, stomach, back and arms. i was trying a new "super cream" for psoriasis to help calm it down and it has helped also but it is so expensive and my psoriasis is so extensive i can't afford to buy more than one tube every couple months. i can't seem to get stress out of my life. wish i could, but i have responsibilities that i can't just give up. my advice to psoriasis sufferers is don't worry what it looks like. wear what you want. i do. keep trying new things but give them at least 1month to 6 weeks for one item. don't try too many at one time or you won't know which one is working. hang in there. it is going to get better.

04-02-2010, 09:39 AM
Don't Cover up your Psoriasis in the sunshine... let the sunshine get to it as the UV rays help it. Don't let ignorant peoples stares put you off either. I have Psoriasis and spent years being called Scabby in the street.. just carry on as Normal.
I now use Aloe vera Drinking gels and propolis creme to keep it under control at the moment which I sell now with my company. Once you get rid of it it is easier to maintain, but the hardest thing is getting rid of the damned Psoriasis in the first place. It never actually leaves your system it just clears up.

04-02-2010, 02:19 PM
i have said on other posts that i am using a cream that is helping so much. my lesions on my arms are getting smaller and smaller. my legs are better but the psoriasis was so bad on them that i knew it would take forever. but there has been improvement even on my legs. i am going to a wedding and i am wearing a dress that will hide the psoriasis on my legs but i just wear what i want. i do get some sun. i no longer have to wear long sleeves at work because my lesions on my arms are not flaking. just got to take it day to day.

05-29-2010, 09:58 AM
Hi, I too have psoriasis!
This sounds disgusting but it worked for me...wash your hair with egg whites!! Only like once a week or something

05-30-2010, 05:30 AM
Stephanie it doesn't sound discusting at all. As long as it works for you go for it. I have had psoriasis for years and there are others that will chime in as well. We all do what we can to keep this condition under control.

I am sure your post will help many who have psoriasis on their scalp.