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09-28-2009, 02:46 AM
InviCible Scars. This is from the page that talks about how it helps with brown spots and acne blemishes. It has all kinds of links to medical publications, too.

Brown spots
Melanocyte cells produce the skin's natural pigment, melanin. Localized proliferation causes hyper-pigmentation, or brown spots. People also call these "age spots" or "liver spots."

InviCible lightens hyper-pigmented lesions like brown spots, dark scars and acne blemishes:

* The Vitamin C complex helps to inhibit melanocoytes and decrease melanin production by 80%.
* ProBiosyn-4™ helps disperse excess melanin and speed up skin renewal.

Acne scars
Acne occurs when the body’s sebaceous follicles plug up with bacteria and dead skin cells. The inflammatory response leads to skin injury and scarring. Fresh spots typically settle down to form flat, reddish lesions called maculae. These can leave dark lesions that "mark the spot." Some people develop a permanent acne scar.

Vitamin C and other treatments that stimulate healthy collagen production improve acne scarring. Anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe Vera and Licorice (stearyl glycyrrhetinate) limit acne flare-ups. InviCible's all-natural scar minimizing complex, ProBiosyn-4™, contains both of these ingredients. InviCible helps improve mild acne, helps to get rid of acne scars and lightens acne-related dark pigmentation.

10-19-2009, 04:56 AM
I went to the Invicible Scars web site and found some great information I was looking for. I'm now waiting for my invicible scar cream to come in so that I can start using it. Thanks for posting this. I found it to be very helpful!

10-21-2009, 05:33 PM
yea RaRa let us know the result too.

10-21-2009, 06:47 PM
I've used it on my scar from a mole, and it works! I'm glad to see others are also using it as well

07-28-2012, 04:54 PM
I too want to consult others in this regard. I've heard great stuff about inviCible scars at different forums. It deals with all kinds of scars , spots and blemishes . I'm looking forward to trying it for certain now. I'm really excited

09-21-2012, 09:14 AM
Acne is a common skin problem.they are slight discolorations, usually light brown. scars or brown spots are commonly a sign of sun damage by having the skin exposed to the sun over many years.
Some Natural Cure for Brown Spots

Finely chop or Some blend an onion, and use a strainer or cheese cloth to squeeze and extract the juice.
Take one part of Apple Cider Vinegar and one part of onion juice and mix them together.
Dab a cotton pad into the solution and apply it directly onto the age spots.
The acid in Lemon juice has been shown to help fade the appearance of spots.
Aloe Vera juice
Castor Oil has been shown to improve the appearance of age spots

Hope this help you.......

Good Luck!

12-12-2012, 08:45 PM
Recipe to lighten brown spots:

2 tbsp cucumber juice
˝ tsp glycerin
˝ tsp rose water
1 tbsp lemon juice

Mix the ingredients together and apply it to the area of skin you wish
to lighten, let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

10-05-2013, 03:05 PM
It's a wonder product. Seriously, a great brought up in town. It faded my facial scars and also helped me get rid of stretch marks that i had on armpits and breast. It's a life saving product.

01-22-2014, 05:29 PM
I'm here for sharing my thoughts regarding this cream. I must say it's a promising scar treatment. It really does what it says. I used it for my year old scars and within 6 months they got faded as if i had nothing alike (I'd been lazy in terms of using it regularly so it dragged the results i assume). It has even rejuvenated my skin and i look quite young. I don't see wrinkles or blemishes either. A must try it is!

01-28-2014, 09:06 AM
Thanks Guys for the great informative reviews.