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06-24-2009, 05:52 AM
I am having the worse time finding a sunscreen that doesn't cause my skin to break-out. My friends are even saying what's more important the sunscreen or flawless skin? Obviously the sunscreen is more important but I'll forgo it everyday so that my skin doesn't break out and I can't do that anymore. I also love to be in the sun. So, what do I do. The lightweight sunscreens, the ones with an SPF 30 won't work. I've been told I need an SPF of 50-85 now.
The smell of most of them make me incredibly sick, some say they're odorless and they still smell bad to me. But, I'll deal with that if they don't cause break-out's. I heard Obagi was one of the best but it's only SPF 35 and it's one of the worse for my complexion....
P.S., my skin doesn't break out normally... it's just with "bad" facial products or sunscreen.
I'm not sure what to do!

06-24-2009, 01:07 PM
neutrogena has a 80+ with helioplex. my girlfriend bought it for her husband who is an engineer and spends a lot of time out in the sun. he uses it in the morning and at noon he reapplies. it hasn't bothered his skin. you can also try aveeno baby sunscreen. or any sunscreen for babies. they are mosly all for sensitive skin.

06-24-2009, 06:43 PM
You should try AVENE Emulsion 50+ or Bioderma Photomax 50 +. Both are great products and are a sure thing for preventing sun damage.

06-25-2009, 03:19 AM

I am using Neutrogena SPF 80 with helioplex right now and Im starting to
get small breakouts again. So, I'm not using it as often as I should. I need
something that I can put on every morning and feel confident that it won't
hurt my skin. But, I love that it has an SPF of 80 - no fear of Melanomas
there (I hope). I rub it on the rest of my body with no problems... it's just
my face that is super sensitive.

Valence, I haven't tried AVENE Emulsion 50+ or Bioderma Photomax 50 +.
I'll check into both of them. I'm trying to get away from products made
with chemicals. I think that's why my face is breaking out.:omg:

06-26-2009, 05:34 PM
I personally like dermalogica sunscreen for sensitive skin but it only has 30SPF... As long as you apply low/lower SPF sunscreens constantly (every 2-3hours), it will protects your skin better than applying high SPF sunscreen once a day.

My skin is very sensitive too that I cannot use most of the sunscreens and cosmetics out there. I use AVENE Emulsion 50+ when I know that I will be outside longer than 3 hours and use Dermalogica SPF30 for normal days. I just love the lightness of Dermalogica sunscreen.:)