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06-01-2009, 11:30 AM
In 2009, the beauty industry will undergo its own cleansing regime, as Mintel Beauty Innovation predicts a year of consolidation. The 21st century has been marked by the introduction of many new beauty companies, all claiming to make us look younger, thinner and more attractive in their own unique way. But the tougher economic climate will mean that only the strongest brands, which can really prove their worth, will earn their place in our beauty cabinets.

“2009 will be all about survival of the fittest in the beauty industry. Consumers are going to demand real value for their money as well as visible results, and they will stick to the select number of brands they can truly trust,” comments Nica Lewis, Head Consultant of Mintel Beauty Innovation.

During this period of consolidation, Mintel Beauty Innovation has identified four beautiful trends that will capture our imagination. Austerity Chic, Turbo Beauty (based on science), Extreme Ethical and another helping of Beauty Foods will influence our beauty regimes in 2009. And those companies that can align themselves with one of these ideals will reap significant rewards.

1. Austerity Chic
After an era of indulging our every beauty whim, Austerity Chic will see us “looking good for less.” We will de-clutter our bathroom cabinets and clear the tops of our dressing tables, as we focus only on those products we really need. As budgets tighten, we will take a much more targeted approach to our beauty routines, paring down the number of lotions and potions we use. We will expect our products to last longer, so we will use them more sparingly and finish each product before choosing a replacement. Taking this one step further, the most adventurous among us may even turn to homemade beauty products.

2. Turbo Beauty
Increasingly, we will become more discerning about the beauty products we buy. We will expect visible and proven results, so that we only spend our dwindling beauty budget on those products that will have the desired effect. This is where Turbo Beauty comes in. Mintel expects a pendulum shift towards science-based products that actually do what they say they will. We will see even more patents, advanced technology and clinical testing come into play, as companies attempt to convince people that their claims are true. There will be continued development in products that are a less expensive alternative to surgery, as well as advancements in stem cell research, research into cellular longevity, new peptides and alternatives to parabens. An increasing number of established pharmaceutical brands may also move into the beauty arena.

3. Extreme Ethical
Our focus on science in 2009 will not cause ethical issues to fall by the wayside. For many, sustainability has become a deeply held sentiment, central to their lives. And so even as money gets tighter, not everyone will want to turn their backs on a greener way of life. But unsubstantiated claims will no longer be enough for people demanding real evidence of ethical authenticity. Extreme ethical will set in with more Fairtrade ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, charitable initiatives and attention focused on sustainable production. We may even see companies attempt to reduce the “water footprint” of their products, not just the carbon footprint. What is more, the move towards Austerity Chic is also in line with a more environmentally friendly approach to beauty, as it encourages people to waste less.

“The beauty industry is showing that it is more than skin deep, with a number of initiatives that support economic, social and environmental sustainability. Cosmetics and skincare brands will add real value to their product lines by becoming advocates for change,” explains Nica Lewis.

4. Beauty Foods (another helping)
Throughout 2008, food and drink we happily enjoyed as part of a healthy diet (i.e. superfruits and green tea) started to regularly appear in beauty products. Next year, we will see food and beauty become even more intertwined. Mintel expects good-for-you food ingredients, such as probiotics, to increasingly show up in our cosmetics and skincare products. The familiarity of these ingredients will go a long way to convince consumers that these beauty products can enhance their appearance, just as they have enhanced their health. People will also choose more on-the-go formats such as supplements, snacks and drinks designed to help them look good and improve their beauty regimes.

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