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05-18-2009, 05:56 PM
I'm 52 yrs old and i have had hyperhidrosis since my 40's. I've tried every antiperspirants. I have also been prescribed different types of antiperspirants by the doctor but nothing has worked. Please any have such problem. what has worked for you ? please give me best suggestion.

05-18-2009, 06:21 PM
So you are 52. remember hyperhidrosis beginning in later life could be the result of secondary causes like any systemic diseases, metabolic disorders, or adverse effects of medication use. Are you on any medications like propranolol or any antidepressants or consume alcohol. these could also lead to hyperhidrosis. If any antiperspirants are not working for you and as it has started after 40's so i would suggest you to go for a systemic check for any neurologic or metabolic disorder. please consult your doctor .if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

05-21-2009, 05:39 AM
I haven't checked for any neurologic or metabolic disorder sir. and i'm not on any medications or alcohol, yea i do smoke will smoke effect of this. What type of test will doctor do for neurologic and metabolic disorder. i mean any danger disease ?

05-27-2009, 03:21 AM
Oh sorry for late reply. Your Doctor might check for metabolic disorder like thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, gout, pheochromocytoma. As sweating is a function of the sympathetic nervous system. So hyperhidrosis may be the consequence of autonomic dysregulation. Please visit your doctor for further ruleout of these disease.

05-30-2009, 03:55 PM
O.k sir thank you. i'll go for a check ups and let you know. Hope everything comes normal.

05-30-2009, 04:04 PM
yup sure you are welcome.do let us know the results..

07-21-2014, 09:48 AM
It is a condition in which a person sweats excessively. It may be controlled with strong antiperspirants.