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04-23-2009, 07:35 PM
hello there. i've written a post once before but i decided to write again. i'm 26 years old, i've been shaving my penis shaft for several years now. i also masturbate with oil based products. i've tried water based and silicone based but i like the feeling of oil based better. my question is this, i've been shaving my penis for a long time now and also masturbate regularly. i use sensitive skin shaving gel and also use a new razor everytime i shave. i have to shave the area every day or every other due to my hair growth. i was at my urologist for a check up after a vericolcele surgery and asked him about my problem down there. he told me that it isn't warts but oil glands being clogged and hair growing back. i've tried creams, i clean the area after i masturbate, i've tried different shaving techniques and others. i'm just curious if there is a cream or something i can take over the counter that might help that area out. i also so seem to sweat a lot and its beginning to get warmer out. sometimes i even have pimples down there. what can i do? i just want a smooth, non bumpy penis. i will add that i've been checked for HPV too and the test results were negative. if there is a cream out there or something i can do, that would be VERY awesome. thanks so much and look forward to hearing some response.

04-24-2009, 07:59 AM
well as you have already talked about sexual transmitted disease with your doc and all negative ...thats good news. So your only reason could be due folliculitis secondary to shaving and the oil products you use during masturbation is triggering the outbreak of folliculitis more. So what you can try is use after shave product which contains salicylic acid. Also you can try calamine lotion at the site of the lesions this helps further itching and helps control if its due to some allergic products use.

As you are concious about your hygiene so there is no problem but you can try using a topical antibiotic cream, mupirocin (Bactroban®), it is effective is reducing any bacterial colonization. let me know further if it helps or not..

oh oh by da way why don't you either control masturbation or use other products during masturbation not oil ..

04-25-2009, 09:46 PM
hey there. thanks so much for the reply. hearing that it wasn't HPV or anything was nice. i will go check out some type of shaving product with salicylic acid. i was just hesitant to do that because i wasn't sure what it would do. what about a exfoliant or cream cleanser that contains that for down there? since my post, i did shave once again and used some polysporin and it seemed to do good. i noticed the bumps weren't as big and i didn't feel any discomfort. i am slowing down quite a bit on self service and i'm also trying to find a product thats not oil based and will give me what i'm looking for. i've tried water based but not much luck. any suggestions for that type of stuff??