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04-12-2009, 05:49 PM
Is there a cure for freckles. I have freckles all over my face and i feel shy to face a crowd of people. Is there some solution to this.


04-20-2009, 02:04 AM
here are few thread discussed you might be interested in:

06-21-2010, 08:33 AM
The very most bad look giving disease on face is freckles. At initial stage it doesnt show any great difference, but later its impressions spoils the beauty. So in markets there are some Freckle removal products like Miracle Cure Duo remedy.

06-22-2010, 12:39 AM
Many have asked me if there's something that's effective and cost less than a Laser treatment for freckles/sun spot?

Yes, there is a pharmaceutical prescription cream that clear freckles and sun spots on face that shows results in about a week. This is a Prescription item.

Any questions feel free to ask me or discuss here.