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  26. singular small red bump on shaft
  27. Pink/white spot on underside of penis
  28. glans penis bisters
  29. corona/glans blister
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  31. i got like 3 bumps on penis
  32. Sperm in the Urine
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  44. itchy, very red scrotum skin
  45. small red bumps on groin area (upper thighs, scortum and glans)
  46. Rash on penis after condom break, won't go away.
  47. Large and painful red bump on scrotum. Possible penile epidermoid cysts?
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  49. what is this?
  50. What are these?
  51. Red skin
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  53. Pearly Penile Papules
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  55. plz help genital bumps on penile shaft
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  59. what is this ???
  60. waiting 4 reply in " what is this ???" by tha.
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  65. Std?
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  75. please help. strange bunps on penis.
  76. possible lichen planus
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  85. Dark spots
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  88. Red Dome Shaped Spot on Penis Shaft
  89. Strange Tiny Crater-Like Depressions Under My Shaft and Base.
  90. I have highly dry paper like skin on my scrotum
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  96. Any one have an idea on this one? White bumps penile glans.
  97. 2 bumps on penis