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  1. welcome to dermatalk.com community
  2. Invitation System Is officially Live
  3. We are upgrading Vbulletin
  4. New Avatars Added
  5. New Feature Mood Manager added
  6. New Feature:Orkut Profiles Added
  7. Posting Links in posts
  8. Have You Any Wish?
  9. Skin Care Recipes has been added..
  10. Advertisement on our forum
  11. New administrator on the forum
  12. Do you want to Volunteer To Our site
  13. Running A Contest
  14. Changing the forum skin and design
  15. We have moved to new server
  16. We have disabled all advertisement
  17. We have enabled Signature Links for regular member
  18. Our blog has been added and is live
  19. We have enabled Signature Links for all members
  20. Join Our Group On FaceBook
  21. More forum Topics have been added
  22. Getting more personal and friendly
  23. FaceBook Profiles, Let users connect to your facebook
  24. Upgrading our vbulletin softwares
  25. Monthly Statistics Of DermaTalk.com
  26. We have reviewed our Privacy Policy
  27. Thank You: DermaTalk is now one year old
  28. We have now added product reviews section
  29. Make a wish adding new features
  30. My Threads and My Posts added
  31. Merry Christmas
  32. We've moved to a new powerful server
  33. We are upgrading our forum script
  34. New Feature: Chat with friends on DermaTalk or Facebook
  35. Our Forum software upgraded to vBulletin 4.2.0