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  24. this is poison ivy, oak, and sumac time!
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  35. Pityriasis Rosea
  36. Very Itchy Foot
  37. Does anyone know what this is?
  38. deodorant problem
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  40. Rash around eyes
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  47. red. itchy eyelid
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  49. Help...fat fingers! :(
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  51. Take a look at this plzzzzzzz!
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  67. Spreading the word about Pompholyx and help for it
  68. Rash around eyes
  69. Genital Rash
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  71. any idea what this could be? Skin rash
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  86. What is this rash?
  87. Painful, Mystery Rash (Pictures)
  88. What is this rash? (picture attached)
  89. Please Help!
  90. Pityriasis Rosea or Ringworm Pic included
  91. Skin Rash In Armpit Region
  92. Female legs flackyness,itchiness,redness (Explicit Pictures)
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  95. Armpit Rash
  96. Is this a sun rash?
  97. Has anyone seen this before or... ?
  98. Can anyone identify this rash?
  99. Been treating this rash as ringworm, but not sure if it is!
  100. Can anyone identify what this is or what is wrong??
  101. Itchy legs for 17 years.
  102. Swollen thumbs and Inflamed skin
  103. confused and at a loss
  104. come and go hip bone rash..what is it?
  105. is this ichthyosis?
  106. Do hormone replacement therapy pills (ie estradoil) cause ichthyosis?
  107. I need help determing what this is.
  108. Is this Ichthyosis?
  109. Can someone identify this rash?
  110. Update to my skin condition
  111. Found out i have interstitial granulomatous dermatitis
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  114. Pityrasis Versicolour, and possibly Eczema.
  115. interstitial granulomatous dermatitis has spread around vagina and buttocks
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  118. latest update
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  122. Please help... strange rash/pigmentation on my neck...
  123. Circular red rash-not ringworm
  124. newest update to my condition
  125. Itchy rash on thighs and hips
  126. update its coming back again
  127. ugh! its back and nothings helping it!
  128. Newbie but need answers
  129. Worried a bit about this skin.. Thing. Would love some help.
  131. latest update a week late
  132. Skin problem from chewing gum
  133. latest update for this week
  134. groin rash getting better
  135. paper cut like sores in mid groin?
  136. rash on one hand only
  137. Please help
  138. Rash on fore arms and spreading
  139. It's Been A Few Weeks
  140. Any ideas what this is? (On feet and hands)(Picture attached)
  141. Can somebody tell me what is it on my inner thighs?? (pic attached)
  142. Rash/Fungus on right buttock. What is this?! Please help!!! Semi-NSFW picture atached
  143. Pityriasis Herald Patch or Ringworm maybe? (Pic included)
  144. Itchy bumps on forearms and legs
  145. Two week update
  146. What's causing my papular rash?
  147. Dryness on breasts
  148. Spotty skin rash
  149. help
  150. Random red hot patches usually on hands- thank you
  151. Ezcema / Ringworm / Fungal Infection ? Doctors are not sure themselves, neither am I
  152. Itchy rash, only in one place
  153. itchy little puscule spotse
  154. Any suggestions on what the heck this could be? Pic attached
  155. Weird rash only on one hand, comes and goes. Pic included.
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  157. Ichy Rash on arm
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  159. Dryness on breasts update
  160. Advice on possible pet allergy please
  161. annoying skin problem?
  162. Please help, havnt got a clue whats wrong
  163. Help..Weird rash on knee cap
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  165. Need information?
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  167. can anyone help me?
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  170. Mystery rash (with pic)
  171. What on earth could this be? pictures included.
  172. New here. Not sure what these are. Help?
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  181. Mystery skin rash
  182. Jock Itch, please help
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  184. Rash on face
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  186. *PICTURES INCLUDED* PLEASE HELP - It's not lupus - What could it be?? HELP!!
  187. Rash on Inner Thigh - What Could it Be? (picture)
  188. Itchy Skin on summer time
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  190. I'm not sure what this is...
  191. Cosmetic allergy on face
  192. Skin Rash Needs Identification
  193. discolored spots on arm not leaving
  194. Dime to Half Dollar Sized Bumps on Chest, Red, Extremely Itchy (Pictures)
  195. Please help me with my rash....:(
  196. Weird red marks I've had on my skin since birth.
  197. Does anyone know what this rash looks like?
  198. small red itch spots around around chin and uper lip area
  199. new here hi all , skin rash please help
  200. can anybody help me with this please?
  201. can this rash be identified !!! HAD THIS FOR 4 MONTHS REALLY DEPRESSED NOW
  202. new here, can any body identify this rash please?
  203. What Is This Skin Rash??
  204. I dont know what this is?
  205. Itchy single bump - started with one - has spawned more in other areas:help (pics)
  206. Skin spots since I've been a baby. What is it? Please help!
  207. Rash on thighs/scrotum
  208. Burning, itching and hot skin condition - please help
  209. flaky scrotum that wont stop
  210. Itchy Red Rash on Chest, Neck and Face
  211. Itchy, Red, Swollen you name it!
  212. Itchy bumps and welts on preexisting scars
  213. Does metformin cause rashes?
  214. Identify skin rash
  215. Skin Rashes
  216. Help me identify my skin rash (included photos)
  217. Itchy red rash and welts on legs and back
  218. Help me identify this rash, PLEASE!
  219. Redness and dryness on the side of face I sleep on
  220. really strange rash
  221. Went vegan, got rashy
  222. skin rashes for more than 1 year .what kind of disease i had ?
  223. Unknown rash/bumps on stomach
  224. unknown small rash, photo attached. Please help!
  225. Penis flaking
  226. skin rash
  227. Skin rash - pictures attached
  228. Itchy dry rash (Pictures attatched)
  229. Mystery rash from head to toe - burning for 3 months! Help!
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  231. Red spot on lip after infection
  232. Help....need anoter opinion for a rash that is out of control
  233. Can someone identify what this is?
  234. Rash after applying Nizoral Cream 2%
  235. have no red skin/red cheeks for me
  236. Turning to the Community for HELP or at least relief...... PIC
  237. HELP! Red Itchy Bumps that won't go away or stop itching.
  238. Heat rash from sweat I think
  239. Diagnosed with Ringworm / Fungal Infection? Or is it pityriasis rosea? (inc. photos)
  240. Skin infection
  241. Big red circular rash
  242. hair follicles spots
  243. Dark itchy skin near armpit any ideas?
  244. Rash on upper arm
  245. Painful, rashy, stinging face
  246. Help! Mysterious Brown Skin Patch Around Mouth!
  247. Fed up with skin issues.
  248. Help identifying rash on 3yo child
  249. No one can help my skin issues!
  250. need help identifying this skin issue!