Can I fight hair loss?

If you are losing your hair do not give up hope. There are many ways you can fight it. First of all stop worrying. Stress is a major factor in hair loss, so the more you worry, the more your  loose your hair. Solution for hair loss ranges from surgery to just having a better diet.

Take hair fiber powder for example:

If your hair has just started thinning than this is just the solution for you. This powder is made specially to attach itself to your existing hair, giving the impression that it is fuller and thicker. This is not a permanent solution, it is meant as a temporary filler until the medication you are taking (Rogaine, Propencia) kicks in. It is quite affordable, prices start at twenty dollars. And the risk for side effects is minimal.

Propencia and Rogaine. These are very good solutions. If you are young and are being plagued by male or female pattern baldness this is the solution for you. These medications are approved by the FDA in the United States of America. Depending on where you live maybe you will need a prescription to buy Propencia. They can be taken individually but they work best in a combo.

If you have been taking them for a few months and they do seem to be working do not worry. It may take about 6 months for this medication to kick in so persevere. The thing with pattern baldness is that timing can save your scalp. The earlier you start treatment, the bigger the chance for it to work.

Surgical Options:
You can choose this option if all others fail and if you can afford it. It can be done by transplanting hair from other areas of your body like your back. Another way is by reducing the scalp. The doctor will remove the bald area from your scalp and stich the remaining areas together.

But please be careful when choosing this option. Do your homework. Inform yourself about the risk and always go to a good doctor. After the said surgery it is recommended to take Propencia to maintain the hair and not let it die off.

A very impressive type of hair transplant is that of micrografts. It is a very delicate procedure where individual hairs are taken and transplanted onto the balding scalp. This method however, is slow and will take many sessions so I repeat: choose your doctor carefully! Not only is it time consuming but it is also expensive ranging from 10 to 20 thousand dollars.

Wigs and Hair pieces:
This option I would not recommend personally. It is a time-honored tradition for balding men to wear wigs. But the wig degrades over time, does not look natural and if discovered it is a great source of shame for many people.

In conclusion there are many ways to fight baldness but one method out of all of them is most effective and its dirt cheap. Do not lose your confidence along with your hair.

Why am I Losing my Hair?

We all fear hair loss. But why do we fear it? It is a normal part of the human life cycle and it is still one of the most feared things that can happen to you. Some people even prefer getting a dangerous disease than actually losing their hair.

The short answer is that nobody wants to look unattractive. I know it is not fair that other people get to keep their hair and you must lose yours but we must all play the hand that we are dealt. First of all do not panic. Not all types of hair loss are permanent, and the ones that are permanent can be delayed by even 10-15 years. So why does our body shed our scalp hair? To understand this we must go through the growth cycle.

Why am I Losing my Hair

Why am I Losing my Hair

There are 3 phases in the life cycle of the human hair: The first phase (anagen) is the most active phase where the hair actually grows in length. The second phase (catagen) is the phase where the hair starts to weaken and get thinner. And the third phase is the telogen phase that is a resting period for the hair.

As I previously said not all hair loss is permanent. It is perfectly normal to lose about 100-150 hairs a day. Do not panic if your hair is shedding .It is also normal on the course of a life time for your hair to get progressively thinner. If you are losing more than 150 hairs a day, that is a reason to worry. The causes can range from head fungus, bad diet, stress, menopause, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, genetic etc… For all the other causes there is a way to repair the hair loss. Avoiding fatty foods and keeping yourself hydrated and healthy can save your scalp.

The most feared of these causes is the genetic one. A common misconception is that if your father is bald, you will be bald to. That is actually not true. The gene responsible for male pattern baldness is transmitted by your mother….so if you are losing your hair stop blaming your father. However, being said that, men whose fathers had experienced hair loss are twice more likely to experience hair loss themselves, regardless of the mother’s side of the family.

But why would this gene survive in us? Evolution is known for facilitating survival not impeding it? Well, it is speculated that it is a built-in anti-adultery mechanism. The way it works is: You keep your hair for long enough to have children (early or mid-20’s) and then this gene kicks in. It is making you less appealing to the opposite sex and limits your sexual options, thereby assuring that you stay with your partner and help raise the kids. That is why we still have this gene; it has survival benefit for our children.

This is just a short background to make you understand why this is happening to you, to see that it is perfectly normal and make no mistake there are ways to fight it

The Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

The herbal hair loss treatment can be defined as the treatment that makes use of herbs that are available in nature and some medicines to cure the hair loss among people.

The different effective herbal treatments to cure hair loss

    • Ayurveda is the Indian medicine that is mainly used in this process of curing hair loss. The main hair loss disease called alopecia is cured with the usage of ayurveda. This treatment is referred as sirodhara that affects with a medicated oil or milk.
    • Some oils that are extracted from the natural plants are also fruitful for this purpose that may be coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.
    • The Wild yam is a natural substance that helps in the synthesis of a hormone for the growth of hair which is needed by the hair follicles.
    • Saw palmetto is another natural product that is also called Seranoa repens. It is mainly preferred by the men for the hair loss treatment as it has the capability to protect prostate that encourage growth of hair. It blocks the five alpha reeducates that stops the hair loss. A capsule of 160mg is advised two times a day.
    • Stinging nettle is also a useful natural substance that is also referred as the Urtica diocia that has minerals and lipids which is helpful in blocking the conversion process of testosterone in DHT. A recommended dose is a capsule of 50-100mg in a day. It can be more effective if it is combined with saw palmetto and pygeum.
    • Wolfberry fruit is also a supplement to cure hair loss.
    • A herb called Ginkyo biloba helps in increasing the flow of the blood in brain that basically increases the supply of the nutrient to the hair follicles that helps in stimulating the hormone. It also increases the blood circulation in the skin. The dose of 120-160mg of the dry extract is advised.
    • Green tea is also known as the Camellia sinesis which contains catechins which are the antioxidants that also inhibit the enzyme production that converts the testosterone into DHT that is unfriendly to hair. You can drink few cups of green tea in a day.
    • Pygeum is another natural herb that is extracted from the evergreen plant. It prevents the problem of baldness among the men. It is advised to take 50-500mg of this herb in a day.
    • There are some Chinese herbs also that prevent the loss of hair that may be a herb called Dong Quai that contains phytoestrogens which lowers the production of DHT or He Shou Wu that is also called Fo-Ti.

Some precautions to be taken while having these treatments-

    1. Such treatments should be given in a natural environment that must be rich in climate.
    2. The usage of alcohol is prohibited while having any of these medicines.
    3. Avoid taking stress that can be done by a massage.
    4. Eat healthy vegetables such as spinach and other iron and protein rich fruits and vegetables.