Eye Serum Should Be in all Golf Bags

Being in South Florida, I’m exposed to a lot of golf.  Real estate deals go down on the golf courses, multinational companies share business meetings over 18 holes of golf, and it’s just a fun activity to play outside when there is nothing else to do.

However, what most people don’t know is that golf is a contact sport when you look at it from a skin care angle.  The sun makes contact with your under-eye skin on a constant basis, and beats down on your face as you line up your 20 foot birdie putt to beat your colleagues. Whether you like it or not, you need to take care of your eye area when you are on the golf course.

Golfers normally reside in States like Arizona, California, Florida, and the Carolinas. When you compare those states to the rest of the country, those places are very near the equator and therefore are in danger of being exposed to harmful sunlight that can damage the skin permanently.

The sun causes wrinkles around the eyes and brings out facial wrinkles. The face needs to be covered with a uv-protectant lotion and most importantly, an eye serum. Eye serums are becoming an important addition to the golf bag, and golfers these days are becoming more fashionable than ever. They certainly care about their skin and with good reason.

A skin condition can arise from too much sun exposure. Sun exposure not only causes wrinkles, but it makes existing wrinkles worse. The average round of golf is well over 3 hours, and most rounds can get much higher than that. Add warm-up time and time around the clubhouse and in the parking lot, and you are looking at about six hours in the sun. That’s more time than most people spend at the beach, even if they go for the entire day, it’s just an overwhelming amount of sun for the average person.

By applying a small amount of eye serum under the eyes before, during, and after your round, you can protect the eye area and not have to worry about developing any more eye wrinkles. Golfers are becoming more aware of the sun’s damaging effects and adding eye serum and other skin care products to their golf bags.

Elite Serum, a popular eye serum among men, has been in my boyfriends bag since he was introduced to it (from my urging of course).  I can say it’s anti aging qualities do help him against the harmful effects of the sun that are incurred during a round of golf.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert who urges people to use an eye serum and other anti aging creams while they enjoy a round of golf.

Elite Serum Discount Codes and More!

I’ve done some extensive reporting on anti aging eye serums in my day, and one that I have covered since inception has been the Elite Serum, made by a company called Elite Skin.  This daily use eye serum is an eye serum that has been getting great reviews by people from all different backgrounds, from cosmetic surgeons, to online health portals, to dermatologists, to end-users.  I’ve been a user of the eye serum since I first got my hands on the product earlier this year.  I’ve had a great success personally, and for my money, there is no better eye serum in the world.

So, I’m happy to report in today’s column that I have a discount code for all of you out there who are looking to try the Elite Serum at a cheaper price point.  When you reach checkout, just type in the code “save10” and you will save $10 off your order.  This code does not have a time table that I know of, so if it expires after some point in time please don’t blame me.  I just thought I would pass that on as many people are on a slim budget these days, myself included.  It’s never easy in this economy to make room for anti aging eye serums and similar products, but discount codes go a long way to helping the cause.

I also have a link to a page that has extensive discount codes for other products.  It’s the largest database of eye creams, eye gel, and eye serums online.  Some products have discount codes, while others don’t.  But, to check it out, as well as read some in depth, professionally written reviews by both the editors and the consumers, go ahead and visit the link above.

Eye serums have been a popular addition to people’s skin care regimen since about 2005.  Many companies put in extensive time in the R & D stages of their company to prepare for what we call in the United States the “baby boomers.”  This essentially means that companies are beefing up their inventory and materials in order to service the many people who are turning older this year and starting to realize the many symptoms of aging that are starting to show on their faces, necks, and other parts of their body.

Most men don’t typically believe in eye serums and other anti aging products, but they are becoming more aware of the need to use such products.  I’ve spoke to men who are in dire straits trying to get rid of the dark circles under their eyes, yet they dont’ know where to start!  I find it amazing that men can be so clueless about these types of things.  The product they need is right in front of them!  As I was saying, most people just started adding an eye serum to their daily routine.  If you care about the way your eyes appear each and every day as you walk out your front door, you should too.  An eye serum should be a staple in the skin care regimen of anyone age thirty or over.

Can Elite Serum Prevent Wrinkles?

There has been a lot of media coverage surrounding the highly popular under-eye serum, Elite Serum.  If you read eye cream review blogs, the eye serum has won numerous awards and drawn praise from skin care insiders and skin care consumers alike.  Many people use it to fight dark circles under the eyes, as the formula does contain Haloxyl, which is an ingredient formulated to cure dark circles, but the question that is often posed to eye cream companies is – will it prevent eye wrinkles?

After reading so much about Elite Serum, and doing extensive reporting on other aspects of the under eye cream, I went on a fact-finding mission to get this answer.  I started on the live help section on EliteSerum.com.  I spoke with Sophia, who was very prompt, helpful, and courteous in answering all of the questions I asked her.  I find that a quick, able customer service department usually means that the company is ran quite professionally.  When a company takes the time to educate their entire staff about the product line, it shows they really care about their customer service.  Sophia also invited me to call in and ask any questions I had at any time.  I took her up on that offer.

When I called the 800# and routed the call to customer service, I was greeted by a gentlemen named Andy.  Andy was very friendly and knowledgeable as well, and when I asked him the same questions I had asked Sophia, he responded with the same information.  That’s another good sign when you check out a company – consistent information. There are some many companies that make wild, bogus claims about their product lines that sometimes their customer service departments will just say the darnedest things.  I had one company I called tell me my wrinkles would be gone “forever” after just one use of their product.  Anyone who knows skin care knows that this is simply impossible from all angles.

Andy answered my main question with poise and a level of business savvy expected from a top level manager.  When I asked him his title, he simply replied “customer service.”  It’s refreshing dealing with a company that has such solid, responsive customer support.

So, the answer to the big question – can Elite Serum PREVENT wrinkles?  Andy’s response, which I told him I was printing online as part of a column I write, was this:

“Elite Serum, when used as directed every day, WILL prevent wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, crows feet, puffy eyes, and even eye bags.  It works therapeutically, so you will not see an instant effect, however, you will feel cool, refreshed, and younger after applying the eye serum.  Our head formulator says that the effect of Elite Serum will be enhanced if you use daily anti-wrinkle cream, and due to this advice the company is releasing their own wrinkle cream in the very near future.”

“Wow, that’s all great information, Andy,” I curtly replied.  Andy thanked me for the call, asked how else he could help, and when I said I was just looking for information, he said “We’re happy to help, ma’am.”

I was impressed on so many levels with the Elite customer service.  It was simply “Elite” on many levels.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert.  Her reports on skin care companies appears in many online journals, including Busy-Moms-Online.com.