Best Eye Cream Ingredients for 2010

Everyone always makes claims about what eye cream is the best eye cream for 2010.  However, the answer to that question lies in the ingredient mix of each eye cream.  You see, many eye creams can claim that they are the best, and in all reality, many eye creams will find similar results.  You can’t expect miracles with an eye cream, but you can expect to treat your skin in a manner that will make you appear younger, healthier, and with a much more evened skin tone.  The reason people use eye creams is usually the same – to look younger!

Now that might sound very general, but of course everyone has their own problems around their eyes.  Some will complain of thinning skin, some will complain of puffiness, while others will simply site dark under eye circles or those famous “droopy eye bags.”

Depending on what you use an eye cream for, your experience and ratings of different eye creams may differ.  (Or you may just to go with a more medicinal, proven approach like an eye serum.)

However, as you look for under eye products like eye creams, serums, gels, ointments, or however you are being pitched the product that you will apply under your eyes, you need to know a few basic things.  For starters, you need to know which ingredients are PROVEN to work on certain problems that always appear around the eyes.

Here are a few symptoms that can appear around the eyes, as well as an ingredient that works to treat each one.

1.  Eye bags. These pockets of fluid appear under the eyes make us look tired, uninterested, and downright “unsexy.”  That may be a general definition, but you get where I am going – they are not a good site for anyone, and no fun to look at first thing in the morning.  For this, look at an ingredient called Eyeliss, which does a great job at treating eye bags.  Eyeliss firms and tones the skin in a comforting manner, treating bags on contact.

2.  Dark Circles. There are a few proven ingredients that work for dark circles.  One that comes to mind is seaweed extract.  If you have ever visited a spa, chances are you have seen many products that hype this ingredient, a natural ingredient that works well on dark circles and any skin discoloration.  There is a reason spa’s go the natural route with seaweed extract, and that’s because it works.  If you are looking to go the cosmeceutical route, there is no better ingredient than Haloxyl.  Haloxyl is used in many of the best eye serums (you can’t put it in a cream due to viscosity issues) on the planet right now, and it’s clinically tested results are off the charts.  Check out this page to see more Haloxyl information on one of the top selling eye serums.

Other symptoms like puffiness, redness, and eye wrinkles are best treated with an ingredient that targets smoothing the skin called Argireline.  Never buy any anti wrinkle treatment that doesn’t have Argireline, as it’s by far the most proven and effective ingredient out there on the market right now, and it’s even been called the best needle free botox alternative by some insiders.

Hopefully as you shop, these tips can keep you, the consumer, a step ahead of the game so you can find the best anti aging treatmentsfor whatever symptom of aging you are treating.

Eye Cream Blogs Can Mislead Consumers

If you do a quick Google search for the “best eye cream,” you need to really think to yourself what types of sites you are going to look into with a grain of salt, and what types of sites you should just ignore.  Today’s article will explain the difference between people out there to make a quick buck and those who are out there reporting facts.  This is a must read if you find yourself constantly questioning the views and opinions from these so-called “bloggers.”

Let me explain….

Many of the eye cream blogs out there are simply affiliate marketing sites.  While I have nothing against affiliate marketing in most capacities, affiliates in the eye cream niche certainly go a little far in their marketing.  For those of you not familiar with this term, in short, an affiliate is a paid marketer who earns commissions each time a sale is made from someone who visited their site prior to purchasing a product.  In the case of eye creams, affiliates will earn up to 50% of sales made if they convince YOU to go to the next page and buy the eye cream they speak so highly of.

In a nutshell, the affiliate will go to great lengths to get you to hear all of the great information about the “reviewed” eye cream.  They will talk about personal experience, point to testimonials (which in the case of Prototype 37-c are FALSE, points out one affiliate blogger here), and give their all to get you to make that purchase. Yuck!

While some eye cream bloggers will tell the truth, give a good eye cream review, and genuinely represent the product they market well, the bad ones spoil this for the industry. They simply misrepresent the products so much that all they really care about is making the sale.  This is bad for the eye cream manufacturers – they have to live up to the false hype and probably deal with a lot of returns and customer service issues.

For this reason, it’s best to stick to authority blogs and portals.  What exactly do I mean by this?  Let me show you an example….

A portal is a domain that is designed to carry out research, news, and information on a certain topic.  For the most part, they are the “best” domain name in the entire industry.  Luckily, in the eye cream industry, there exists such a portal.  You can visit it online for yourself by following the link:  Eye Cream Reviews.

You see, this is a true portal.  It’s updated daily with eye cream information.  It does not slant any product or company.  There are ZERO affiliate links on the entire site, and best of all, they are upfront with the audience and tell the world that there are indeed advertisements on the website.

Now, compare this to an affiliate site.  An affiliate site is usually written in the first person.  It can say “Hi this is Maxine from Chicago, and these are my favorite eye cream products. ”  Come on.  You really think people are that passionate about products that they take photos of them, write about them, put up a blog about them, and then spend all the time and money to get them indexed and findable in Google?  Come on folks, these are marketers who know what they are doing.  It takes time, money, and a lot of dirty work to get a site findable in Google.  That first page ranking is NOT easy to obtain, and when it is, that’s where the big money flows in.

I don’t say this to slam affiliate marketers, I say this so that people can truly find the best eye cream they are looking for.  If you take a good look around, and figure out who the obvious affiliates are, you can really go a long way to helping you find the best eye cream on your first try.

Can You Make Your Own Eye Cream?

Did you know that there are ways that you can make eye cream at home through
the use of organic ingredients? Through the use of ingredients which are
commonly found in the home, an individual can make use of eye creams that
can be made for free. Through the ingredients which are used in these creams
everything from dark under eye circles to treating the fine lines, referred
to as crow's feet. Use these ingredients to save money within the beauty
budget and increase the capabilities of the skin care routine.

Here are some common ingredients which can be used, at home to create an
effective eye cream that can reduce wrinkles, firm the skin around the eye,
reduce dark circles that can occur through the eye area and also decrease the appearance of fine lines through the ingredients which are used.

Avocado and Almond oil are used in an effective combination that can be used
to infuse moisture into the eye area that can be used to reduce the
appearance of dark under eye circles. Combining half of an avocado with five
drops of essential almond oil can help to infuse moisture within the skin,
when the product is applied to the skin and left to moisturize the bottom of
the eye area for five minutes. After this process, the avocado oil
combination can be rinsed from the face with warm water. This should be
followed with a moisturizer which is appropriate for night, to ensure
protection from the damage which may have occurred through the skin
throughout the day.

For another way to lighten the unnatural dark circles that can occur
throughout the under eye area consider a combination of lanolin oil combined
with almond oil. Combine these ingredients with a small amount of water to
create an effective way to lighten the under eye area. Many people have
found this an effective way to brighten the skin through high intensity
moisture which is provided through the oils - which can also lighten the
skin. Lanolin oil is an effective way to brighten the skin, especially the
thin skin under the eyes.

Potatoes are a vegetable that are not often thought of when it comes to
implementing a natural beauty routine. Through the use of potatoes, which
have natural components which can assist in bleaching the skin, dark circles
can be removed from the under eye area. Through the use of these natural
components, individuals can take advantage of one of the least expensive
ways to lighten the area under the skin.

As a benefit to creating ingredients and formulas which can be used within
the home, you can save money in the skin care budget as well as increasing
the effectiveness of the products which are being used, as they can increase
the potency of the other products which are being used in the beauty