How to Make the Most of Anti Aging Creams

The cosmetic product industry is continuously growing due to the huge demand for skin care products. In terms of anti aging products, there are so many creams out in the market that claim to be the best solution. Both women and men have issues with anti aging and both genders look for solutions to help fix the issue. Women are for more into cosmetic products and it simply raises the bar for the demand for anti aging skin care products. Looking young is important and being able to look young when you are old is not always easy. It is natural to see wrinkles and lines on your face, but with anti aging creams, you don’t want to worry much about it.

Anti aging creams does work, but the time it takes to show changes on your face will depend on how sensitive and receptive your skin is. If your skin is not responsive to the anti aging cream, it could take several months to see positive signs. According to a recent study, it is claimed that only twenty percent of wrinkles are removed with the use of anti aging creams. With such a low success rate, you can see that creams don’t always get the job done. This is just like taking care of acne, where just the cream won’t get the job done. In order to remove wrinkles, you need to combine various treatment plans together to have the best results.

While you are using anti aging creams, you need to be eating a well balanced diet that includes needed fruits and vegetables. Colored fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. For the skin, vitamin C and E are the most important, as they help with building new skin cells. Antioxidants help in removing bad skin cells as well as keeping your skin looking fresh and young. The wrong diet plan could seriously hinder the look of your skin over the long run. You may not realize any disadvantages or advantages of eating fast foods, but they do take affect over the course of a few years.

According to dermatologists, it is recommended that you use an anti aging cream, but you shouldn’t just rely on it for the most success. Anti aging creams were once only targeted for females, but that is no longer the case. With increased fashion and cosmetic sense being marketed into the male stratosphere, many men are looking into cosmetic products that help with anti aging. A number of skin creams are just aimed at giving you good looking skin, but they do have side effects. The side effects take a few years to actually show up, but once they do, you will realize how bad their effects can be.

The next time you are looking for skin care products, including anti aging creams, you need to make sure that they contain no oils. Acne mixed with signs of aging is simply hard to avoid for someone who wants to stay young. If you have begun to show signs of aging, be wise and take action while you can to reduce the amount of wrinkles and lines on your skin.

Resveratrol and Antioxidants Flood Anti Aging Cream Market

Every time I turn around, there is a new anti aging cream using some sort of antioxidant rich ingredient.  Of course, the most popular antioxidants are the ones that are well-covered by the media, such as the famous anti aging superstar, resveratrol.  Resveratrol is best known for helping lab rats live longer and remain stronger in some testing done a few years back.  These same tests were well-covered by media outlets such as Oprah and Dr. Phil.  Of course, resveratrol is no stranger to those of us that follow the health & wellness niche so closely.

So, who started all of this hoopla about the antioxidants and who started using them in anti aging creams at the rate they are being used today?

The first anti aging cream I noticed using antioxidants like resveratrol was the Elite Serum, the flagship product of a company that has taken the cosmeceutical market by storm, Elite Skin.  The Elite Serum uses a trace of resveratrol in its formula along with the acai berry extract to make the scientific formula have an abundance of antioxidants.

It’s important not to overlook the importance of antioxidants in skin care products, especially anti aging products.  People like the famous Dr. Perricone also praise the acai berry in numerous of articles that you can find online.  There is no shortage of information about the scientific elements contained in antioxidants and how they can work to benefit the skin on numerous levels.  You can Google “acai berry” and see all sorts of information from weight loss products to all of a sudden, you guessed it:  acai eye creams.

In all of this hoopla and media praise, there are companies out there trying to sell ANYTHING with resveratrol and acai berry extract in them, and they sort of give a black eye to the people out there who are formulating real, made-to-perform products that are done with care.  I am sure you have received some email spams about the acai berry making outrageous claims, I know I do.  However, don’t let these insane weight loss promises get in the way of you being sold on an amazing product that is really important to our society.

One reason acai extract is so difficult to come by is that you only have 24 hours to harvest it.  The berry can go bad if not harvested properly and in due time.  Upon looking up sources for the acai berry in the USA, I found that the largest importers of acai are located in Miami.  (Probably a coincidence that this is where Elite Skin manufacture their products.)  If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  The berries are harvested in Brazil, and must be handled with care each step of the way.  A lab in Kansas or even further west does not have a chance to compete with someone with the location near the port of Miami, such as the laboratory of Elite Skin.

There are two things you can do as you shop for skin care products.  You can acknowledge that antioxidants are an important part of the process of having amazing, fresh skin, or you can choose not to believe in science and consider these as hype.  Whatever you choose, you can’t ignore the press that the media is giving to these anti aging superstar ingredients.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging author who contributes to many of the top authority websites on skin care and longevity.  You can find her work regularly on sites like

Scientific Ingredients Contribute to Success of Anti Aging Creams

If you have ever shopped for an anti aging cream of any type, odds are you have seen many different types of ingredient mixes claiming to be the best.  Of course, people are modest about their products, and the companies marketing them all like to think they have the best formula.  As someone who has spent the better part of the 2000’s testing anti aging products, I know quite a bit about ingredient concentrations and what exactly works.  My personal experience has led me to believe that science has a big hand in contributing to the best anti aging creams.

It used to be a very level playing field.  You could enter your local drugstore, and pick up any cream that made a decent claim and contained aloe vera or shea butter.  My, how times have changed.  These days, companies have shifted gears and are incorporating pharmaceutical grade ingredients such as Matrixyl, a powerful peptide-based ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  If you want to take Matrixyl even a step further into today’s time period, there is now the advanced version, Matrixyl 3000, which is an ingredient that has done much better in clinical testing than the earlier version, Matrixyl.

It’s not just wrinkle erasing formulas that have changed their gears.  There are also many under-eye products that have made the switch to use scientific ingredients in order to fight symptoms of aging such as dark under eye circles, eye wrinkles, puffy eyes, and eye bags.  The under-eye area is one that most people seem to recognize is an area that needs treatment.  Obviously, with the eyes being the focal point of the face and the “windows to our soul,” they are of extreme importance and must be treated with a certain grade of care.  Eye creams these days are being marketed in three different forms:

*Eye Creams:  it’s a very popular term among people, and it’s the most commonly used vernacular to talk about a cream that is used under the eyes to treat the signs of aging.

*Eye Gel:  also used by many marketers of anti aging products, an eye gel is geared to fight the same symptoms.

*Eye Serum:  a serum is usually described as a yellowish liquid, and it does sound more advanced than the other two.  However, it is geared toward the same goal, which is to help people look younger underneath their eyes.

Out of the three, an eye serum is normally the product that people seek out more than the rest.  However, if the product you find gets results, than stick with it and try to find other products by that manufacturer.  It’s always best to find one line of skin care products and to stick with it, as they are normally geared to work in tandem.

Some makers of under-eye creams have gone the scientific route, as I touched on earlier.  Eyeliss is one ingredient you should look for if you are trying to treat puffy eyes.  It’s formulated to treat that symptom rather rapidly.  Haloxyl is the best ingredient for treating the dark under eye circles that bother us as we get older and don’t always sleep well at night.  Lastly, another ingredient that is popular in treating eye wrinkles is Argirelene. Argirelene is known among skin care insiders as the best needle-free alternative to botox.

I’ve tried herbal creams without much success.  I’ve even been sold the organic creams.  Neither has held a candle to products I have used that were inspired by science.  It’s no doubt that the time put into these ingredients combined with the impressive clinical trials have really helped the advancement of anti aging creams.  For my money, I will always bet on science.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging author.  You can find her work posted on several health forums & portals across the web.

Anti Aging Creams – When You Should Start Using Them

Odds are, right now you have not put much thought into wrinkles.  But, later in life you will look back at the year 2009 and think to yourself “I could have done something about these darn wrinkles.”  Wrinkles are the disgusting lines that set into our faces as we age.  They set up in crevaces in the skin and start to form expression lines.  Basically, wherever you see wrinkles is where you made the most amount of constant facial expressions.  However, there are many other factors that add to wrinkles and contribute to why they form on the face.

The most important element that contributes to wrinkling is the sun.  The sun is a powerful element that has many, many traits that can damage the skin.  It’s harmful UV rays damage the skin at the surface and cause wrinkles and other skin impediments that you may not see for 20+ years. That leads me back to the topic question – when should you start using an anti aging eye cream?

Well, there are a few schools of thought on that, but I’m going to go with the safe, sound answer.

You should start to use one once you are age eighteen.  Many skin care experts believe in the “dentalization” of skin care.  This means regular visits to see someone who knows what they are doing in regards to the skin, on a regular basis.  If you ask someone in the industry, you will hear an age as young as 14.

While you don’t have to start at age 14, you should become aware of wrinkles as early as that age.  You should know that things like smoking and other elements will affect your skin later in life. It’s best that you start using an eye cream EVERY DAY starting at around age thirty.  If you do this, your under-eye area will look younger and you will not have to spend so much money on the best wrinkle cream each and every month.

In short, being aware of wrinkles and aging at a young age will help you in the future.  If you start using anti aging routines, such as moisturizers, on a daily basis, you will be ahead of the game and have less wrinkles than your peers.  That’s a big thing that people will notice later in life.

Best of luck with the routine – and remember to read several eye cream reviews before buying eye creams.  Learn from other consumers before you make the same mistake they do.