Gold Skin Care Products by Venetian Beauty Make Debut in USA

Once available in the far East, Venetian Beauty Products are now being distributed from Miami, Florida in part due to a new partnership formed with Skin Pro.  The products feature gold as an ingredient, and you can actually see the gold flakes in the immaculate packaging.  Other brands featuring gold, such as Oro Gold Cosmetics, have fared well in their quest for market share and have expanded quite well into many retail malls across the USA.

The company offers nine products as well as several skin care systems, designed to create beautiful skin and youthful tones.  When used as part of a daily skin care regimen, skin care products can help stave off wrinkles and ensure proper hydration is being brought to the skin.

This product line is made up of daily maintenance and anti aging treatments, such as:

  • 24k Gold Eye Serum
  • Dead Sea Miracle Mask
  • Intensive Eye Gel
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Pearl Wrinkle Treatment
  • Skin Brightener
  • 24k Day Moisturizer
  • Neck Firming Gel
  • Collagen Cycle Serum

These products are all packaged in the most advanced, eye appealing packaging on earth!  One look at this brand and you’ll know just exactly what you are getting – a skin product that features gold as an active ingredient and that uses the immaculate packaging to showcase a presentation second to none.

These product are available online, you can visit Venetian Beauty Skin Care at any time to make an order, or look for them in the very near future at  They are perfect for luxury spa’s, and as stated earlier, these products were only available in the Far East until the fall of 2010.

Venetian Beauty uses all natural and organic ingredients in most products, and features a wide array of ingredients ranging from silk sea pearl to to various fruit and berry extracts, used as an antioxidant.

Perhaps the most anticipated product release, the Dead Sea Miracle mask uses the power of the dead sea mineral in this highly advanced anti aging mask.  Masks work to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oils from the surface.  When used on a weekly basis, you can literally remove tens of thousands of dead skin cells and leave the underlying skin looking fresh, clean, and without any discoloration.

Using skin care products just got a lot more fun.  With packaging that is sure to impress even the pickiest of retail shoppers, Venetian Beauty hit a home run with this brand.  It’s sure to be a success and a full review will be posted once we get some feedback from consumers.

Dark Circle Serum Popular on

I’ve written in the past about a unique, all natural product that gets rid of dark under eye circles, called the Dark Circle Serum. It’s made by Wrinkle System, a division of Skin Pro, and just recently, it was among the top selling dark circle eye treatments on!  With all of the great anti aging products and serums out there, this is a huge honor!

If you have not heard of this all natural product, here are the details.

Clinical tests showed a 35% reduction in visibility of dark under eye circles.  35%!  That is an amazing number, and it’s clinically proven to perform at that level.  Using seaweed extract, a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and rice and soy peptides, this product works therapeutically to get rid of the nasty dark crescents that form under our eyes from stress, genetics, lack of sleep, poor diet, or reaction to a medication.

In addition to being an effective dark circle remover, this medicinal product, (sold with a precision dropper) is effective in helping deflate puffy eyes.  Clinical tests for that condition show a 42% REDUCTION in puffiness.  Wow.  Also, a 31% improvement in skin’s smoothness was the final clinical testing statistic that’s worth passing on.

Personally, I’ve used this product with great success. I have yet to find a product that absorbs quick, feels light, and works.  This one does, and I am living proof. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to products that make numeric, bold claims, but since these cite real clinical evaluations, I took a leap of faith.

I’d suggest this product to anyone who is looking for a refresher around the eyes – just take a peak at to see what people are saying, as well as on eye serum review websites.  It’s made in the USA, not tested on animals, and the parent company, Skin Pro, is known for it’s use of high end ingredients in their product formulas.

Remember, a proactive skin care routine will help yield the best results.  If you wait too long to use skin care products, you may be allowing too much damage to affect the skin’s dermis, and you may be beyond the point of repair.  A proactive skin care routine is always best!

Telomere Properties And How They Effect Your Skin

Learning about the ingredients that are used in skin care products to reduce the appearance of aging from the origin of the cells, through the DNA, can be an effective way to increase the appearance of youthful skin. Learning about the ingredients helps the consumer to make an informed decision about the products that are going to be applied to the skin.

Since telomeres can contribute to the aged appearance of the skin as begin to near the end of their life cycle, at the end of fifty replications of the DNA within the skin cells – the skin can begin to appear aged. With every replication of the DNA, the telomeres becoming shorter and shorter, eventually leading the degradation of the cell leaving the DNA unable to replicate and therefore leading to the aged appearance within the body and the skin.

Some of the common products used to increase the life span of telomeres through the skin, reducing the signs of aging, include a popular telomere increasing treatment, TA-65.

TA-65 is created from extracts that are taken from astragalus, a Chinese herb. The extract comes with a wide variety of history, as it has been used for more than one thousand years as a medicinal aspect of traditional Chinese medicine.  Through extensive research that has been completed, astragalus has been effective in stopping the telomeres from shortening, reducing the appearance of aging as researchers are hopeful to stop the aging process.

Through a concentrated and purified amount that is used through topical creams applied to the skin as well as through supplements, astragalus is used in small amounts to turn on ‘telomerase’ that can be an effective way to lengthen the life span of telomeres, reducing the signs of aging through the body and the skin.

Interestingly enough, telomerase is similar to components that are found in cancer cells, allowing the cancer cells to divide and divide, multiple times, without the telomeres within the cell becoming shortened and aging and therefore eventually resulting in cell death. As well as being found in cancer cells, the cells are commonly found in the cells that comprise both the sperm and the egg within the body.

Treatments that are becoming available that can increase the life span of the telomeres within the cells are costly – and can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars for one year of treatment. Taking part in these treatments can be an effective way to reduce the shortening of the telomeres within the cell and many people believe that it is not only a way to reduce the signs of aging throughout the skin, but throughout all of the organs and cells in the body, giving the body a greater amount of time to appear younger, potentially increasing the life span.

BuyBestEyeCreams SCAM ALERT 1-888-778-7099

Since a lot of you consumers read many eye cream reviews to find a product that will work for your under eye bags, dark circles, and eye wrinkles, I thought I’d give you a heads up on something that looked fishy to me.

I was reading about an eye cream called prevera, and I was going to actually order it after reading some decent reviews on the product.  However, after doing my normal due diligence, I found some SHOCKING information

First off, the site that had some great reviews was the one I reference in the title of this article.  I was reading all of the reviews, taking in the information, jotting down what I thought was important, and BOOM it hit me like a cross check.  This site is a complete sham.  It  had the same lingo on the site as others I’ve seen that talk about the Prototype 37-c, a topic that many people on here have talked about and chuckled at.  If you follow DermaTalk, you know what I am talking about.

For starters, the site says “serving you since 2003.”  That’s a lie, as this site was JUST put online recently.  (I have a friend who has some tools that allow me to find out how new or old a site is.)  Second off, if you call the number on the site to make an order for eye cream, you can ONLY buy the products reviewed on the site.  That’s sort of fishy, huh?  Of course one would rate products above and beyond all other eye creams on the market if there was a financial gain to be made from it.

Furthermore, if you Google the phone number, (1-888-778-7099), you will see that an exact replica MIRACULOUSLY reviews the “oxytoxin” product that is reviewed on the prior website.

Do you think it’s a complete coincidence that the number of reviews is 511 on both sites?  Or that the phone number is just shared on these two sites?  Or lastly, that these two very similar domain names have a design that is a mirror of one another?

Obviously, this “review site” is ran by the owners of these products.  Am I saying these products are bogus?  Well, I’ll let you read the reviews in the threads to decide.  (The evidence points to “stay away” and there have been links to a college dorm room operation here.  Scary, huh?)  All I am pointing out is that there is an obvious connection between websites and that you should not deem the reviews credible on these two websites:

Also, don’t listen to any reviews from a site with this number:  1-888-778-7099.  Just a word to the wise for all my fellow DermaTalk readers.  Stay safe and stay young!

Best Eye Cream Ingredients for 2010

Everyone always makes claims about what eye cream is the best eye cream for 2010.  However, the answer to that question lies in the ingredient mix of each eye cream.  You see, many eye creams can claim that they are the best, and in all reality, many eye creams will find similar results.  You can’t expect miracles with an eye cream, but you can expect to treat your skin in a manner that will make you appear younger, healthier, and with a much more evened skin tone.  The reason people use eye creams is usually the same – to look younger!

Now that might sound very general, but of course everyone has their own problems around their eyes.  Some will complain of thinning skin, some will complain of puffiness, while others will simply site dark under eye circles or those famous “droopy eye bags.”

Depending on what you use an eye cream for, your experience and ratings of different eye creams may differ.  (Or you may just to go with a more medicinal, proven approach like an eye serum.)

However, as you look for under eye products like eye creams, serums, gels, ointments, or however you are being pitched the product that you will apply under your eyes, you need to know a few basic things.  For starters, you need to know which ingredients are PROVEN to work on certain problems that always appear around the eyes.

Here are a few symptoms that can appear around the eyes, as well as an ingredient that works to treat each one.

1.  Eye bags. These pockets of fluid appear under the eyes make us look tired, uninterested, and downright “unsexy.”  That may be a general definition, but you get where I am going – they are not a good site for anyone, and no fun to look at first thing in the morning.  For this, look at an ingredient called Eyeliss, which does a great job at treating eye bags.  Eyeliss firms and tones the skin in a comforting manner, treating bags on contact.

2.  Dark Circles. There are a few proven ingredients that work for dark circles.  One that comes to mind is seaweed extract.  If you have ever visited a spa, chances are you have seen many products that hype this ingredient, a natural ingredient that works well on dark circles and any skin discoloration.  There is a reason spa’s go the natural route with seaweed extract, and that’s because it works.  If you are looking to go the cosmeceutical route, there is no better ingredient than Haloxyl.  Haloxyl is used in many of the best eye serums (you can’t put it in a cream due to viscosity issues) on the planet right now, and it’s clinically tested results are off the charts.  Check out this page to see more Haloxyl information on one of the top selling eye serums.

Other symptoms like puffiness, redness, and eye wrinkles are best treated with an ingredient that targets smoothing the skin called Argireline.  Never buy any anti wrinkle treatment that doesn’t have Argireline, as it’s by far the most proven and effective ingredient out there on the market right now, and it’s even been called the best needle free botox alternative by some insiders.

Hopefully as you shop, these tips can keep you, the consumer, a step ahead of the game so you can find the best anti aging treatmentsfor whatever symptom of aging you are treating.

Dark Under Eye Circles Make You Look Tired

It’s not easy getting up there in age.  Life throws all sorts of curve balls at us in the forms of bad joints, less speed, and slower decision making ability.  Personal care is usually something that is lacked as time management is something of extreme importance.  It’s a guarantee that most of us experience some difficult times that tends to bring out our “dark side.” I’m not talking about anything to do with attitude or menstrual cycles, what I am talking about are something that affects most of us in the early morning: dark circles under our eyes.

Dark circles are derived from many factors, such as: sleeplessness, stress, heredity, diet, and hydration.  Of course, all of these factors, other than our roots, are under our control.

Pushing aside the obvious things we can do, such as ensure a good nights sleep, proper hydration and diet, and eliminating factors that would lead to personal stress, I’d like to unveil an anti aging product that most people take for granted:  an eye serum.

Eye serums treat dark circles under the eyes, as well as other signs of aging, such as eye bags, puffy eyes, and even wrinkles.  One eye serum that has been getting praise for it’s scientific approach to skin care is the Elite Serum.  Made by Elite Skin, the Elite Serum has been the recipient of many awards online, such as being graded “A+” by industry authority

It takes two seconds to apply the eye serum each morning and evening.  The effects of the serum are therapeutic, meaning that if it is a long-term treatment in your skin care regimen, you can leave long-lasting effects with just a tiny drop each day.

People judge us based on our appearance, whether we like it, or not.  Our eyes can tell people of our interest level, our sleeping habits, and even give off the notion of being a party animal.  Can you afford be to judged as someone of that character?

Elite Neck Cream Works as Firming Neck Cream

The neck & upper chest.  It’s an area of the body that often goes forgotten in many skin care routines.  As you apply lotion to your body, moisturizing every nook and cranny, the neck and chest is often a part of the body that does not get proper attention.  It’s a shame, because the neck area is one that needs to be cared for like all others, as it makes habitual movements and is prone to wrinkling – just like the face.   For this reason, the area of skin known as the decollete can wrinkle and even sag, creating what a lot of people refer to as “turkey neck.”

EliteSkin, makers of fine cosmeceutical products, have released what they call “V-Covery.”  (The use of the letter V refers to the area of skin that forms a V.)  This is an advanced anti aging cream that is applied to the neck and upper chest area. It works to lift, tighten, and firm the skin that is often damaged due to excessive sun exposure.  Exposure to the sun, along with habitual movements, are the two main causes of facial and neck wrinkles.  The skin located on the neck is among the most delicate on the human body.  The only other patch of skin on the body that thins and wrinkles at a much faster rate is the skin directly below the eyes.  For this reason, the eye cream industry is the one that gets all of the attention, as it’s the most sought-after product by most beauty product users.

Elite’s V-Covery addresses many concerns of aging.  “Turkey neck,” which is a not-so-funny term used by many people in the skin care industry to describe the skin’s condition when it sags and hangs off the chin and onto the neck, is a common complaint of people as they age.  This is just one of the many traits that this firming neck cream works to cure.  Also, neck wrinkles are lifted, and made smooth.  The use of cosmeceuticals in the skin care products made by EliteSkin ensure you are getting the most advanced, pharmaceutical-grade anti aging treatment available.  Basically, you are getting something that more or less should be prescribed to you, but does not have to be because the concentrations used in their creams are at a much far lesser level than what would qualify to bear a prescription from a Doctor.

Neck wrinkles, of course, can be greatly reduced in appearance by using a neck cream such as V-Covery, and for that exact complaint, EliteSkin has used it’s powerful peptides once again, this time Matrixyl 3000, which is a copper peptide used in the best wrinkle creams on the market.  Along with that powerful ingredient, you can see Lipocare, as well as EssenSkin in this fine anti aging cream. You see, EliteSkin uses only the finest imported ingredients, you aren’t buying a product at this level just for some simple aloe vera!

EliteSkin’s neck cream has received rave reviews across consumer skin product review websites.  If you are looking for a serious cream to treat your neck and chest, this could be the one for you.

Basic Skin Care Routine You Can Follow

The skin is the largest organ in our body. This was what my Science teacher told me when I was in fifth grade. And ever since then, I have become quite conscious of how to take good care of my skin. Not just facial skin, mind you. When I was in sixth grade I was already a fan of the body wash and body lotion aisles in the supermarket. I would spend a long time lingering by the shelves and smelling the different bottles. And you know what else perks up my fancy? If the lotions have testers! I just love getting my little pre-adolescent hands on these beauty products. After trying them I sheepishly put the wash or lotion in our cart and cross my fingers that my dad does not scold me for adding to the stash of half-used products in the bathroom. What can I say? I was a 12-year old skin care product junkie!

Now that I am in my 30’s, my skin care needs have vastly changed and I have focused more on facial care. By the time I was in my late teens I started getting occasional breakouts. Acne is a common skin care condition among teenagers and I learned of its different causes early on from my Mom who is a dermatologist. Acne could be of hereditary factors. If it runs in your family, chances are you are likely to get them also. While my Dad’s side could take pride in their blemish-free skin, my Mom’s side was not as lucky in the gene pool. Thankfully they have a doctor on their side to treat their breakouts through skin treatments like acne surgery. Hormones could also be culprits of breakouts. As teenagers our bodies went through so many changes and these could trigger zits to just pop out of nowhere. Believe me I myself have gone through horror stories of a zit just suddenly showing up before a big school dance! Now I look back and just smile because while these moments have caused me emotional turmoil (that is not an exaggeration!), I know that a lot of teens out there who have experienced stress and hormonal changes and lack of sleep from schoolwork also share the same stories.

In an article on skin care reviewed by Linda Nelson of the Skin Authority, she mentioned that skin rejuvenation takes only a few days for children. Kids step into the shower, scrub themselves here and there and that’s it! But teens and adults spend more time for their skin care regimen and according to Nelson this is because the exfoliation (the shedding of dead skin cells) and the rejuvenation process takes much longer as people age. Because of this, my 3-step mantra for skin care during my early teens has become longer and more complicated as the years passed. While beauty regimens vary from person to person, some steps are extremely common. Here are some basic skin care tips.

There’s more to Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize

I used to follow the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine during my teenage years. Whether your beauty products are store-bought formulas or home remedies, this basic 3-step regimen is vouched by women and men all over to be the most important parts of skin care. However, as we age, there are more skin issues that we have to address, making our 3-step routine a little bit more intricate. Aside from cleansing our skin, we should also exfoliate. The market is abounding with exfoliating products which speeds up the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin. When we exfoliate we expose a new and healthy albeit a very sensitive skin surface to the environment. This new skin is more prone to darkening so this means we should use sunscreen or sun block every day. Actually, even if we do not exfoliate on purpose, the skin still goes through the natural process of shedding old cells hence, we must integrate sun protection into our regimen no matter what we do. Yes, even those days when the clouds hide the sun, professional advice still says that we should use sun protection to block harmful UV rays! At night when we sleep, the rejuvenation process is far more active and we should take advantage of this by using products that would help our skin restore its vitality. Night creams and eye creams are now skin care staples because they help prevent or slow down the appearance of skin wrinkles that are brought about by aging. Lastly, the one advice that I would really want to share and emphasize to all women out there is this: Never, ever, sleep with your make-up on! After a night’s worth of partying and drinking, dirt may have clung to the makeup on our faces. Dirt combined with makeup blocks our pores which lead to breakouts in the morning making it another thing for you to deal with, aside from your hangover. I sometimes feel lazy or too sleepy to wash my face when I come home so tired but I have learned this valuable lesson with so much regret. Never sleep with makeup on! Let you white pillow cases be your motivation to make your faces clean, ladies!

So whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, do not deny your skin of the special attention it deserves. Our skin protects our body but we should also do our part in giving it protection. Remember these basic skin care tips and couple you regimen with daily supplements, a healthy diet and exercise and soon you will find your skin glowing with healthy and vitality!

Wrinkle Reduction in Two Minutes?

There is a new anti aging system taking over the shelf space of beauty customers concerned with facial wrinkles, and the best part about it is it only takes two minutes per day to apply.  The Two Minute Wrinkle Drill by Wrinkle System is a fascinating new product that combines three anti aging treatments in one amazing system.  Let’s break down each component so you can see why at $100 this is one of the best skin product systems around.

First, you start out by cleansing the face with the Extreme Cleansing Gel.  This gel is the key to the system, as it not only cleans the face, which is a must before applying any anti aging cream, but it also works to remove toxins from the surface and gently exfoliate the skin.  Now that the skin is ready for a topical cream, it’s ready for part two of the system, the Wrinkle Reduction Cream.  Featuring retinol and Matrixyl 3000, this cream works to conceal wrinkles around the jaw, forehead, and eyes.  Used as needed, this cream has been receiving solid reviews on wrinkle cream review sites across the web.

Lastly, perhaps the most influencial product in the entire two minute drill, the dark circle serum is applied to the skin under the eyes and around the orbital bone.  This eye serum works to reduce dark circles and puffiness.  This is not only a unique blend of rice and soy peptides, but it’s also using a great amount of seaweed extract in it’s formula.  Seaweed extract is popular at many of the high end luxury spa’s across the world, and it’s now being used in specialized serums such as the Dark Circle Serum in this system.

The great part about this system is that it only takes a mere two minutes per day to apply to the entire face.  Wash the face.  Rub in the wrinkle cream, and then use the medicinal dropper to apply the dark circle serum and BAM, you have completed the entire “drill.”

Many baby boomers are starting to become concerned with their skin, especially wrinkles.  This is why anti aging beauty products are among the best selling products in the wellness niche right now.  People always want to look better, and this system goes a long way to promote facial rejuvenation, as well as get rid of the many signs of aging that appear around the eyes.

Available at select retailers in Asia and Europe, as well as worldwide delivery from the Official website of Wrinkle System, this is truly a one-of-a-kind system of products that is within most people’s budget.  Priced at under $100, there is not an more effective three part system available today.

Stopping Wrinkles in Their Tracks – An Education on Wrinkle Prevention

Wrinkles are among the most annoying parts of aging.  Nobody likes to look like a shar pei dog, with wrinkles jutting out from the mouth, eyes, and forehead.  However, they are a par t of aging, and while they will surface at some point in time, there are numerous things that can be done to prevent them from being deep and visible.

First off, it’s best to educate everyone on what exactly causes wrinkles and fine lines, often referred to as “expression lines.”  Other than hereditary factors, (basically being passed down genes that have a trait of wrinkles in the family) the two biggest factors that cause wrinkles are the sun and repeated expressions.  In other words, if you can avoid those two elements, you can greatly reduce the risk of getting deep wrinkles forming on your face and neck.

For starters, both of these factors are impossible to avoid all together.  However, it doesn’t take an expert to show you how to prevent wrinkles and still enjoy the outdoors and continue to smile, wince, and grimace whenever you feel the need to express yourself.  In fact, I’m about to give you several tips that you can use right now and for the rest of your life that will help you prevent wrinkles from becoming the deep, agonizing type.

Let’s talk about the sun first, since it’s an element we must face each and every day we leave our homes.  The sun beats down on your skin, and if you don’t protect yourself, this can do some serious damage in the later years of your life.  Use an anti aging sunblock, one that has a high spf, for maximum wrinkle protection.  This will ensure your skin is protected from the violent UV rays emitted by the sun.  Sunblock, even at a lower spf, will work to protect your skin.  Follow this up by using a skin moisturizer, this also works by adding another layer of protection to your skin.  Wear a hat or use an umbrella to protect your face.  Sun glasses are also very good at blocking out the sun and will protect you in the long run from eye wrinkles.

Expressing ourselves with facial movements is something that is impossible to stop all together, however there are several things you can do that will help prevent wrinkles caused by habitual expressions.  First off, try to sleep on your back.  When you do this, your face stays firm and still, and does not wrinkle as it does when you sleep face down on a pillow.  This may take a little getting used to, but over the long run it will prevent wrinkles.  Another thing you can do is try to not make long, repeated expressions.  Sometimes people will “flex” their face while mimicking someone – this should be avoided if you really are concerned with facial wrinkling.

Wrinkles are a part of life.  They are something we will all experience at one point or another.  However, with a simple education on wrinkles, you can avoid deep set wrinkles.