View Full Version : 15+year old stretch marks still pink...

02-09-2015, 02:25 PM
I am a 35 year old male with pretty much the worst case of stretch marks you will see. When most guys complain of "horrible stretch marks", Im afraid they have no idea what horrible really is. I would kill for their little marks! I have multiple very long deep pink marks on the front of my shoulders(extending to chest), a ton on the back of my shoulders, biceps (my left is horrendous and alot worse than my right), and also on my sides. I see all the time people talking about how over time they will fade to silvery white, but mine have not. The worst ones I have on my shoulders are 15 years old, and the ones on my side Ive had since I was 16. They are all still pink and very dramatic looking. They have ruined my life! What is going on??? Has this happened to anyone else or i am just a freak? I know they will never go away, but all I want is for them to fade! Can anyone help? I have worked out some over the years, but I am far from a bodybuilder...and have never been fat. Working out has definitely been responsible for some of them, but it was already horrible well before I ever picked up a weight.