View Full Version : Help me identify this rash, PLEASE!

04-19-2014, 07:55 PM
Hey guys, new member here, I'm posting because I need help identifying this rash I suddenly got. I don't have health insurance at the time and I can't afford a doctor any other way, so I NEED help badly.

I recently developed this reddish/pink, itchy rash. I first noticed it one day when my wrist started to get a little irritated around where this bracelet I wear every day rests on my wrist. It was itchy, so I scratched it a little bit and didn't think anything of it. Then it got more red and itchy the next day, so I took the bracelet off and haven't worn it since. But now, other parts of my body are starting to itch/develop this rash.

I washed all of my towels, pillow cases, blankets, sheets, comforters, clothes, etc. And that doesn't seem to have helped. I also noticed that the gland on the left side of my neck is swollen every now and then.

It started after I started taking Claritin for my allergies, so I stopped taking the Claritin just in case.

Here are a couple pictures of my wrist, arm and the back of my neck:


Thank you in advance, and I help you guys can help me!

04-21-2014, 02:04 PM
Hi ! Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your condition. From the pictures and from your description it seems like allergic contact dermatitis to me.Probably you seem to come in contact with something you allergic to which can be anything. it is best to explore it by yourself and avoid that thing in future. For now you can take some antihistamines tablets and apply some medium potent steroids along with some antibiotic. Hope you keep us updated.