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09-09-2013, 10:38 AM

I have had this red mark just over to the right hand side from my nose now for at least 8 months if not a bit longer.
I have tried all sorts of skin care products like Bio Oil, Savalon etc to see if will help get rid of it but nothing appears to work in getting rid of this mark.
I never used to have it there and don't even recall having a spot there in the past although I did try squeezing it thinking it might be something under the skin and I just made a mess of my face when I tried that earlier on in the year.
Once my skin healed it went back to just the way it was before with still that little red mark which looks like a small spot.

I checked with Doctor who didn't really seem interested and said was just something to do with my skin glands in that area on my face and it could probably be removed by a dermatologist but you would still be left with a scar there so best to leave it and it might go away in the future.

I would appreciate any feedback If anyone has had anything similar or if it's worth trying a product on it etc?

Many Thanks

09-13-2013, 03:23 AM
Hello paul, welcome to dermatalk.. pics are not clear.... anyway.. does it have some small blood vessels in it? does it bleed? does it itch? pain? looks like some vascular conditions...is it raised bumps or just flat lesion.. please do upload clear pics so we could suggest u better...