View Full Version : Lichen Sclerosus and Sexual Intercourse?

08-25-2008, 09:11 PM
Can women With Lichen Sclerosus Have Sexual Intercourse? please anyone..i'm interested..

08-25-2008, 09:13 PM
Women with severe lichen sclerosus may not be able to have sexual intercourse because of pain or scarring that narrows the entrance to the vagina. However, proper treatment with an ultrapotent topical corticosteroid can help restore normal sexual functioning, unless severe scarring has already narrowed the vaginal opening. In this case, surgery may be needed to correct the problem, but only after the disease has been controlled.

08-26-2008, 03:01 AM
oh thanks ashma,one more question.Does Lichen Sclerosus causes Cancer? or is related to cancer.Thanks for help