View Full Version : Itchy Rash. Any ideas? Folliculits? (PICTURES)

05-28-2013, 04:18 PM
Hello. I have developed an allergic type looking rash about 3 months ago. It started on my inner thighs but has since spread to other areas of my body including buttocks, thighs, arms, stomach, chest, ribs, etc. They appear to be tiny pink or red dots and can be pretty itchy at times. Theres no specific time when they itch more just on and off. I do shave my arms, legs, and chest/stomach. The rash on my legs look more like a rash (See Pictures). On my arms there are just a couple random single pink dots that itch. When I get a hot shower and the water hits these areas the feeling is so amazing and intense. Almost like a huge orgasim. Dr. put me on an antibiotic thinking it might be folliculits.

Could this be scabies? I live with other people and Im constantly interacting with them and no one else has this so I figured its probably not.

Also worth noting. I had a ringworm on my arm just prior to this. After it went away is when I started noticing this new rash. I also have fungus on my toenail. Is there a chance this could be fungal related? And if so is the antibiotic pointless?

Please help!

05-29-2013, 07:11 PM
Hi Dev! Welcome to DermaTalk. From the pictures you have sent and your history, the lesions seems like folliculitis to me which is either bacterial or fungal infection of damaged hair follicle. As you have mentioned you have already applied some antibiotic without any improvement, the lesions could also be the result of fungal infection so testing of the sample from the lesions could be helpful. And treatment could be carried out accordingly. Also shaving of the hairs should be strictly avoided for sometime to stop further injury of hair follicle.