View Full Version : Pityrasis Versicolour, and possibly Eczema.

08-08-2012, 01:41 PM
Hi everyone, I'm Rebecca, I've just registered. I'm 20 years old, from the UK, and I've suffer from Pityriasis Versicolour, and maybe some form of Eczema.

Firstly, I've suffered from PV since I was about 14. I had white, dry patches of unpigmented skin covering my torso. I then started to get brown coloured patches under my arms and under my breasts a few years later, which I was told was also PV. I have been on numerous anti-fungal medication since: ketaconazole (nizoral) tablets, fluconazole tablets, itraconazole tablets, Nizoral/Selsun shampoo, clotrimazole cream, lamisil AT spray, daktarin gold cream... the list is endless. It was hard to keep track on what was working and what wasn't, but each treatment seemed to clear the PV for the first week or so of using it, but then it would always come back. It was like it was becoming resistant to each treatment. I then started to get darker coloured patches in the crooks of my elbow. A few months ago, I visited a top skin dermatologist in the UK, St John's in London, and was seen by 3 or 4 different consultants. I had skin scrapings to see if the PV germ (M.Fur Fur) was present on my skin, and the results were negative. So despite having the appearance of PV, the dermatologist said I had killed the germ with the anti-fungal treatment. The white marks were simply "left-over" from where the germ had affected my skin and would eventually blend in with the rest of my skin over time. Fine. Today, these white marks are still visible, but I admit not as visible as they have been. So I hope the PV germ stays away long enough for these marks to disappear completely.

However, I was still confused about the dry, dark, reddy/brown marks in my elbow creases and underarms. PV was not the cause as the skin scraping showed, so the dermatologist suggested I treat it as though it were Eczema. I have never suffered from Ezcema as a child, nor asthma or hayfever. So I was a little doubtful that it was Ezcema. I was prescribed a weak steroid cream, dermol 500 wash and a thick emollient. My skin has not really improved since. The marks are still there under my arms and my elbow creases. Last night I suffered a flare up in my elbow creases and it is like nothing I've ever seen before. The itch is almost unbearable, the skin is red, blotchy, looks slightly scaley and has little red lumps. It looks like Eczema. I have put the steroid cream on this morning and plan to put it on twice a day until it subsides.

But I have a few questions to ask, and was hoping for some help and advice. Firstly, why is it that I'm being plagued by Eczema at this stage in my life? At 20 years old when I never had it as a child? Is it linked to PV? Also, can hormones related to the menstrual cycle cause flare ups? I notice that my skin is redder a few days before my period. I also suffer from Anxiety/Depression and take anti-depressent medication. Can mental health issues affect skin conditions like PV and Eczema?

And finally, is there any hope for me to have normal skin for once in my life? :(