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06-12-2012, 02:19 PM
Hi group. Im new here and am on here in hopes of getting some answers. My story-im a female in my early 40s and had a full historectomy 2.5 yrs ago. I wasnt given estrogen replacement for 8 months. That had its own challenges. Well I got them and took them regularly and a few months ago I stopped taking them for a few weeks. For the past few months I started getting patchy snake-like skin on my leg. It has since spread to both legs my arms my back and my hands got really wrinkly. Ive tried everything I know of and nothing helps. It has since started itching bad to the point where I cant sleep. Im currently getting some tests done but the only thing that came out odd isc reactive protein was high and creatine was high. Vitamin d is really low but ive had that for a while. Blood sugar was at 100. I also have 2 kinds of arthritis and fibromyalgia. They are also testing me for food allergies. Im allergic to some foods. I just want answers as no one has given any so far and its frustrating to see my skin getting worse. Has anyone gone through sonething similar?

06-16-2012, 02:17 PM
Welcome to Dermatalk. Until you get a docor's diagnosis I would be very careful on what you put on your skin. Have you seen a dermatologist or a family doctor? I would suggest you see a dermatologist so he/she can examine you. In the meantime buy some Shea butter and use it on our skin. It will soften your skin and keep it moist so you will be more comfortable. You can buy many creams with Shea butter in it or you can buy it in it's natural form and whip it up.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

06-18-2012, 02:07 AM
Although, hormonal disbalance due to hysterectomy may lead to xerosis and other skin condition...you may still need to get checkup for renal disease, have you any changes in your nails..? Posting a pic would be more efficient for detail suggestion.

06-28-2012, 12:05 PM
here is a couple of photos of what is going on. this is spreading, and no one has any answers. it is really frustrating! my skin is even cracking now, and it is really painful! 260261

06-30-2012, 07:35 PM
update on this-ive been to a dermatologist, and she just said it was dry skin, and to lather it up with vaseline. besides not being very practical, she took no time to really look at this. i then went to a DO, who said hes never seen anything like it, but is excited to figure it out. ive had the general tests done there, allergy, blood work, etc, and the only thing that's come up so far is low iron and vitamin d (the d being a constant problem lately), and high creatine and c reactive protein. also, very mild food allergies to 5 things i like, but not bad enough for them to say it's a problem. ive taken internal oils and probiotics, and no change. no creams or lotions help the cracking, the fish/snake like skin, the itchiness, and the dryness. a few weeks ago, my fiance and i were looking this up online, and it looks just like ichthyosis. then, a couple of days ago, another doctor we know did some research and came to the same conclusion. i just have to figure out how to get tested for it, as i know there are about 30 different types of ichthyosis. it helps knowing what it may be, but frustrating knowing that it could be that, as it would be with me for life. it has spread from my feet and ankles to my legs, stomach, back, arms, and hands. there seem to be a few different patterns going on.