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05-01-2012, 09:13 AM
Iherb has LOTS AND LOTS of free samples......some of them are pretty good too.....1 per customer. I forgot to select one on my lat order arghhhh.....you have to go to the freebies tab to take it, they won't just offer it to you!!!!!!


With my member code you'll also get $5-$10 OFF YOUR ORDER + FREE SHIPPING ON $20!

The free samples cost nothing obviously though there's the shipping charge (free on $20).

Use code WIM426 at checkout for this offer. Enjoy! They have everything at iherb!!!!!!!

Just a few examples of the freebies though there are many more! Here's another- Peaprotein drink! http://iherb.com/p/41855?rcode=wim426
DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED IN YOUR BASKET...if not, add code WIM426 !!!! Enjoy everyone!!!!!! :p
Sorry for my spam!!!! You'll really like this offer! :D

05-01-2012, 09:16 AM
PS. I'll be honest. This is a family and friends referral code. I'll get a very very small commission if anyone buys something. If you do, you'll get a code of your own. This is a bit of a business opportunity too....lol.....I really hope to be able to get some of my supplements free each month as they are getting sooo expensive. You can too, buy making a small purchase, getting your own code, and then sharing it anywhere with anyone. People generally are very happy to receive the discount.