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07-13-2011, 12:01 PM
Hello everyone there!

I hope this is the right place for this topic.

I am having visible fordyce spots on my upper lip. The spots began to appear when i was around 17 years of age and they never left. They dont hurt or anything else of that kind but they bother the hell out of me :evil: It's not really appealing. I have friends who didnt even notice but once in a while i got random people or other friends asking me if i got a herpes or something there. Plus i get insecure as hell for kissing people. It's not very big, but big enough to see.

It are like a row of spots on my upper lip, on the top of my lip sliding in half opposite circle in a row sepperatly next to eachother.

Now after someone asked me yet again on a serious note if i was having herpes, i've had it and i went to see a dermatologist. Ofcourse he said i could take laser treatment, but he talked about eventual scarring and the fact that ensurance doesnt cover O2 Laser treatment here.

I told him that i did some research and that i read about a certain Vitamine A treatment creme but he advised me against that because it would take a long time treating and it would burn and become most likely sore.

Then he advised to try and use liquid nitrogen, to tip the top of the spots lightly, not long or deep, to avoid big blisters and scarring. He tipped the tops of a few to try, and i have to come back in 3 weeks to see what it does.

For now i got ofcourse, a tiney blister there, wich have disseapeared but now there is a big dark red stain (its been 2 days ago) there, wich i reckon is a part of the blister under my skin. The goal was, the doctor told me, for the blister to press out the white tops, in order to make the redness of the skin go back and the spots to become less visable. It's not a way to get rid of it, but a way to lessen it in visability.

I'm a bit scared for it now, especially seeing that red stain, but i take it, its the healing process, since it's been two days. When i used to have warts on my hands, they also removed it with liquid nitrogen and it became blood blisters and took about a week to go away (this method worked btw, i didnt get any more warts)

Anyone who knows anything about this or best way of treating it? Is it safe to try with liquid nitrogen? Any disadvantages?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

07-13-2011, 01:02 PM
i just had some suspicious spots removed from my leg. it has been almost a month and they are fading but it takes a while for the marks to go way. they went away on their own. i did nothing to make them go away. my girlfriend use to get ulcers in her mouth and used liquid nitrogen to burn them so they would heal better. but you can't see scarring in the mouth. liquid nitrogen is safe if you know how to use it. if i were you i would go back to the derm and have him do the nitrogen thing.

07-13-2011, 02:48 PM
Yup there is no other effective way then laser, yea liquid nitrogen is safe alternative but chances of scarring and hypo-pigmentation is more with liquid nitrogen then the lasers. Said that laser treatment is not 100% successful but is the better options then the rest and it can make almost invisible with less chances of scarring and pigmentation. Other topical therapy like chemical peels and retinoids (vitamin A) can also be another option but the result won't last long, they usually come back after the treatment is stopped. Some dermatologist have tried with oral retinoids like isotretinoin with good clearance rate but the sad news is, they again come back after oral therapy is stopped.

So the conclusion is to avoid it, almost every people has this. if you ignore you won't notice. Its not harmful. But if you still want to take chance, Laser is the best of all other cosmetic treatment available, but there is still a chance of scarring and pigmentation.

As you have already tried it with liquid nitrogen, wait n see the result if it works. Don't use any fast healing creams or anything that people advertise or suggest online, it can make worse. Just let it heal by itself and make sure it won't get infected. Always get an expert suggestions personally.