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03-12-2011, 09:30 AM
Myth 1. Hair grows faster and more often if you shear peaks

False. Cutting tips of hair, dried and stripped away virtually parts, which reduces the risk of further deterioration of the fiber capillaries. But not in any way affect hair growth. If, after a visit to the hairdresser, you think your hair has more flexibility and vigor, is because he was refreshed and arranged.

Myth 2. The secret of silky hair is brushing 100 times a day

False. Let your hair brush is very good, but is 100 times too many. Gentle and regular brushing helps prevent splitting and consequently tangling wires. With a soft brush and scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, leading to capillary bulb irrigation. Brushing will force a loss, but great care if fat loss, for practicing this very often you will not only stretch the sebum from the root to the tip.

Myth 3. The hair falls in pregnancy

False. During pregnancy, hair texture and shine win because metabolism running at full capacity and produce a surplus of vitamins needed to nourish the fetus. But after baby's birth, your metabolism slows down its activity, therefore in this period as the hair starts to fall. The shock fades Breastfeeding and postpartum hair loss is less obvious.

Myth 4. Washing hair every day will make it oily

True. Ideal is to wash your hair two or three times a week. Massaging the scalp every day, but do not stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum, a natural substance that gives oily appearance. Greasy void volume and suppleness. Despite the efforts of style, hair is difficult to arrange and will stick to the head.

Myth 5. Shampoo must be changed frequently

True. Hair while it is customary to make a specific shampoo and does not look as before. This principle applies especially when abrasive shampoos. To protect the powerful effects of this type of shampoo and scalp will produce more sebum. To avoid this problem, you should change your shampoo every season.

Choose an easy formula for spring and summer and a more nutritious for fall and winter. You can also alternate its two products, using a shampoo during the week and another weekend. There are exceptions if the recommended shampoo for hair loss that must be used long term to stop baldness.

Myth 6. To clean the well, must do more foam shampoo

False. A mild formula will make foam quality in a limited way. For a proper usage should pour into the palm of a quantity of coins similar product and apply it on the head, massage for two minutes. If a shampoo is too much foam means that you put a large amount that has ever occurred or detergents.

In the second case in such a product will irritate your scalp, seborrheic will stimulate production and long term will damage your hair. Problems occur especially in people who have very dry or very oily hair or those with sensitive scalps.

Myth 7. If you wear your hat or long hair loss hat

True. Worn over a longer period of time, hats, caps, hats compress hair, choke and stop breathing capillary roots. So tight, the hair loses its shine over time, supletetea and starts falling. To this drop hindered, limiting the duration of wearing an accessory to more than one hour.

Myth 8. To calm the rebel threads, you should rinse with water cooler

True. Water executioners - supports a temperature as low - make your hair shinier and smoother for two reasons. On the one hand, calm and prevent tangling wires rebel, which gives a much brighter fiber capillaries, and on the other hand, cold water is to dizvolva cleaning agents that keep them warm in the hair, rinsing much better.

Myth 9. If you snatch a white thread, there are 10

False. When hair turns gray, it means that melanin (the substance that gives color hair pigmentosa, iris, skin) does not work. It is a phenomenon specific to aging, absolutely normal, which is running faster or slower, depending on genetics. Removing a white thread will not change in any process of growth and no color: it grows white. On the contrary, very hard when you snatch assault bulb, the more slowly growing thinner.

Myth 10. Full Moon accelerates hair growth

True. Many experts have noted a difference in hair growth when the moon is rising or moon. Scientific explanation is that the full moon contribute to increased capillary vasodilation, depending on the health of your hair in the scalp blood circulation.

LE: If there are any grammatical mistakes, please fell free to correct me. English is my 3rd language and I still need to improve it a bit :)

03-16-2011, 09:07 AM
Hey, guys I want your opinions....

03-16-2011, 12:34 PM
Hair loss can be very common during pregnancy so that myth is not true.

Washing your hair everyday does not make it oily or greasy either. The reason some people don't wash their hair every day has nothing to do with the scalp it has to do with drying out the actual hair. If you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner there is no reason why you can't wash your hair every day if you want to.

Hair and nails grows at a certain rate each month whether a full moon has anything to do with that I don't know.

03-16-2011, 01:21 PM
#1. this is correct. trimming hair does not make it grow it just looks healthier. most people's hair grows 1/8 inch a month.
#2. this is correct also. over brushing can acctually break your hair.
#3. this is not correct. hair does fall out during pregnancy for a lot of people. until she starts taking vitamins to help the baby and herself. the vitamins are made for just what the body needs at that time.
#4. i find this to be incorrect. i wash my hair everyday because i work with chemicals in a lab. my hair is below the waist length and it is healthy. it is getting seriously gray but it is healthy. i am 62.
#5. this sounds good but not necessary. if you find that you have build up of conditioner or you don't rinse well a cleasing shampoo once a week will help remove all the bad things from your hair. i think almost every brand has a clear cleansing shampoo just for this purpose.
#6. if you use too much shampoo it is just a waste of your money. but if you do use a lot of shampoo just make sure you rinse extremely well.
#7. i agree with you on this. even wearing your hair in one style all the time can make your hair fall. limit the time wearing caps and change hairstyles frequently.
#8. I also agree with you on this. warm water not hot is best for shampoo and conditioning.
#9. yes pulling out a gray hair will not make 10 grow in. there is so much hair and i am sure gray hair is starting all over but hiding!!! i agree with you on this.
#10. well the moon can make the tides rise and fall but i never heard of it making hair grow. you have me on this one. i don't know the answer.
You did good in your research and you are doing well with your writing. thanks for being here.

03-16-2011, 08:51 PM
@ y34963, that is what I told. There is not a standard thing, that in pregnancy you will lose hair, that depends of the every woman's metabolism.

On #4, that depends from person to person. For example, my sister's hair becomes very oily if it's washed daily. There are a lot of things, that doesn't act the same on every person.

ps. thank you for the feedback ;)

03-16-2011, 10:07 PM
Yes, losing hair during pregnancy is common. If you do not life a heathy lifestyle the baby will take all the nutritients and leave you with nothing so hence there are lots of issues that way. As Brenda mentioned, supplements are important during pregnancy for the mother as well as the baby to stay healthy.

Again, washing your hair daily will not make it oily. Some expects actually believe it is better for the scalp to be washed daily. Using a nice organic mild shampoo without any additives works well.

The shampoo that a lot of people use is just too harsh on the skin with all the chemicals and that is what is harmful to the scalp. Perhaps that is what you are referring to that may make the hair oily not the washing itself, but the residue left behind from the harsh shampoo and not rinsing well enough.

03-17-2011, 01:56 PM
Adina, these are just my opinions. that is why dermatalk is here to listen to different opinions and then make your choice for yourself. i am in no way an expert. i just learn from life. i was a licensed cosmetologist, but i retired from that. i have been working with people all my life. i listen, i comment, and if i really know the answer i will stick to my guns!!