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01-26-2011, 07:36 PM
Hey everyone. I've been doing a bit of reading recently about chemical peels. I am very wary about just slapping anything on my face for fear of a reaction of some sort. I've been reading about the different types of peels there are and I'm kind of swaying on using AHA.
I don't intend to get or aim for anything like you would get professionally. I would rather do a mild course of treatment to see if it helps with light acne scaring I have.
Does anyone have any opinions, good or bad, about AHA or any other peel? If you would recommend one, which strength and how would you advise I used it?
I don't want a face that looks like I have severe eczema, just something a little better that what an exfoliator would do.

Also I use Retin A gel in the evenings. Would this be ok to use while doing a peel treatment or should they not be used on the same day/week?

01-26-2011, 10:17 PM
Well,.. as said previously.. if you use it wise you'll benefit from it..:) .Start from low to high. Its obvious everyone wants to get the result quick, and many people ends up having severe side effects like skin discoloration and scarring. For acne scars there are preparation ranging from 20- 70% glycolic acid which can be applied every 2-3 weeks. Don't just go for online products that have higher AHA or promise to clear acne scars within a week, thats not gonna happen, it takes time and patience.

If you are planning to apply AHA peels i would suggest to get a consultation from a dermatologist or any Experts personally. See.. if you have any allergic history or give it a trial on your wrist or sth..before applying.

What i would do is: Go for less concentration AHA creams or lotions (less then 10%) rather then peels and would apply every other day for 2-3 weeks then daily at night. Remember to avoid sun and use regular sunscreen. I would start from around 3%- initially and increase to 8% then to around 15% .

So as Retin A gel is concerned, i would alternate between these two every other nights. And yes its safe to use both during night alternating every other night. But as most important Avoid sun, use sunscreen and go with low concentration, gradually increasing as desired.

01-27-2011, 05:10 AM
Thanks Deepak for your advice on AHA peels. I have always wanted to try them but personally they scare me. I have seen so many people have problems because they went too high too fast.

Perhaps I will give it a try following your instructions. I do use Retin-A now but only a couple of times a week because I always peel from it. I have been using it for over a year and love it but sometimes it just peels too much for me.

01-27-2011, 09:00 AM
Thank you Deepak. I figured if you aim for too much too soon the chances are you will do more damage than good so I was thinking of starting with something around the 10% mark I just wanted a second opinion.
I have been using Retin A for about 5/6 months in total now and started with the 0.025% cream. I recently purchased the 0.05% gel. I personally find the gel easier to apply and it feels better on my skin. I have noticed results, in some areas more than others, but I have yet to experience the peeling that most people talk about. It has certainly tightened my skin and I do notice slight dryness but I have started using the tiniest amount of shea butter on the areas needed and the dryness is no problem.
As for the sun. Here in the UK we only see it about 5 days a year so that isnt a problem! (Joke. I know the sun is harmful even when it is overcast) :)